It is specifically designed to answer the following questions:

  • What is Blockchain? (What exactly is it?)
  • Non-Technical Technology Overview (How does it work?)
  • Technical Technology Component Overview. (What are the components Encryption, Networking and Nodes?)
  • Benefits of Blockchain (Why should anyone consider this?)
  • Use Cases (Where and for what apps is it appropriate?)
  • Adoption (Who is using it and for what?)
  • Implementation (How do I get started?)
  • Future of Blockchain (What is its future?)
  • What are the major enterprise blockchains and which one is right for our enterprise? (Ethereum, Hyperledger, R3 Corda, Quorum)
  • Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Use Cases (What are common uses cases?)
  • What are common Ethereum Blockchain Use Cases (What are common use cases?)
  • Design Blockchain application requirements (How do I design a Blockchain application?)
  • Developing Blockchain applications (How do I develop a Blockchain application?)
  • Testing your Blockchain applications (How do I test a Blockchain application?)  
  • Proof of Concepts (POC) (How to use Proof Of Concepts for blockchains?)
  • Blockchain as a Service platforms (What is a Blockchain as A Service?)


What you'll learn in the Blockchain Technology Workshop:

  • Blockchain Technology Overview
  • Benefits of a Trustless Platform
  • Cryptography Overview
  • Use Cases for Blockchains such as Hyperledger and Ethereum
  • Comparing the Enterprise Blockchains
  • Implementation and Development Requirements
  • Deploying on BAAS Platform.
  • Proof of Concepts


Blockchain knowledge would be helpful but not necessary.


Three days.


Outline for Enterprise Blockchain Architecture Training

  • Course Introduction   
  • What is a Blockchain   
  • Enterprise Blockchains    
  • Industry Adoption and Use Cases   
  • Blockchain Components
  • Blockchain Deployment Considerations   
  • Blockchain Security   
  • Enterprise Blockchain - Hyperledger
  • Enterprise Blockchains - Ethereum   
  • Blockchain as a Service   
  • Proof of Concepts
  • Development Best Practices
  • Development - Client Applications
  • Future of Blockchain