• Learn about the OpenStack Foundation Comunity and Software
  • Describe the IaaS funcionality of an Openstack installation
  • Describe the mechanisms and services that provide functionality to OpenStack
  • Identify the use cases and have the ability to plan a production deployment
  • Have the ability to perform basic service level troubleshooting
  • Manage identity task in OpenStack
  • Get hands on experience in creating and deploying instances, manage users, roles, projects theoufh Dashboard And CLI


The course is designed to allow technical IT professionals with no experience or knowledge of OpenStack to learn about the essentials, understand and start working with the OpenStack suite of products. Prior experience in virtualization, OpenSource operating systems and basic posix command line skills and networking experience are desired but not mandatory to attend this course.


Three days

Outline for OpenStack Essentials 101 Training

On day one, students attending the course will get an overview of the OpenStack comunity and software. The course focuses on IaaS, we explain the core architecture and the component relationships. The course also provides a brief introduction to other integrated (Heat, Ceilometer, Trove, Sahara etc.) and incubated programs to outline the capabilities an OpenStack installation can provide. This gives the students the ability to start with the hands on labs for which about 50% of time is dedicated.

Day two is dedicated to offer a deeper look at OpenStack networking and storage concepts and to test those concepts out in the labs.

Day three is dedicated to deployment models, tools and strategies, production grade deployment requirements and troubleshooting.

Agenda Overview

1. OpenStack IaaS Components Overview

  • Keystone, Horizon, Nova, Neutron, Glance, Cinder and Swift
  • Arhitecture and authentication
  • Database
  • Message Queue
  • Authentication flows

2. Component interaction and workflow

3. Higher level *aaS Program 

  • Heat, Ceilometer,

4. OpenStack Networking Concepts

  • OpenStack Networking History
  • Neutron networking concepts and plugins
  • Virtualizing networks with OpenVSwitch

5. OpenStack Storage Concepts

  • Cinder Volume Concepts
  • Swift Object Storage

6. OpenStack Deployment

  • Deployment Scenarios
  • Deployment Tools
  • Production Grade Considerations

7. Troubleshooting and Discussion

  • Troubleshooting Overview
  • Discussion on Client-related Topics