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DevSecOps Training: Introduction to Security in SDLC Application Modernization

InfoSec is getting all brains in the game to recognize patterns and best practices for keeping data, applications, and infrastructure as code.  With the world moving to Cloud-native, containerization, DevOps, and Agile there are doors opening for attack vectors that are only effectively dealt with by getting “all brains in the game”.  This DevSecOps training covers areas that are key to prescriptive prevention, predictive identification, and timely repair & recovery from attacks.


  • Security fundamentals
  • Threats & countermeasures
  • Threat modeling
  • Design guidelines for DevSecOps
  • Architecture reviews for InfoSec
  • Security toolchains for SDLC pipelines
  • Securing artifacts
  • Security for cloud-native microservices
  • Securing your applications
  • InfoSec for backing services
  • Data security
  • Designing for failure


This DevSecOps Training course is appropriate for Information Security teams, Data Management teams, Software Development teams, Team Leads, Leaders & Managers, Architect Communities


Participants for this DevSecOps course should have general knowledge of enterprise computing. 


1 Day

Outline of DevSecOps Training: Introduction to Security in SDLC Application Modernization

Chapter 1. Security Fundamentals

Chapter 2. InfoSec Foundation

Chapter 3. Threats & Countermeasures

Chapter 4. Threat Models

Chapter 5. Design Guidelines

Chapter 6. Architecture for DevSecOps

Chapter 7. Continuous Code Quality

Chapter 8. Security for Cloud-native microservices

Chapter 9. Agile Data Security

Chapter 10. Securing Applications

Chapter 11. SDLC Security Process & Evolving Best Practices

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US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887