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Course #:TP2524

Management Skills-Entry Level/Achieving Success as A New Manager Training

New Managers face unique challenges and opportunities when taking on the people leadership role. Effective leaders start by taking stock of the current environment, looking at future trends and understanding company direction. The first step to becoming an effective Manager is accepting that you are in this role and that certain expectations automatically come with the role. In this course participants use the tenets from Michael Watkins "The First 90 Days" to set the new manage up for success. Beyond this text basic Management tenets are presented, discussed and applied.

What you will Learn

  • Team analysis and strategies to move different types of teams forward
  • Basic People/Team Management skills
  • Goals leveraging techniques
  • Perspective on taking the leadership position


2 Days

Outline of Management Skills-Entry Level/Achieving Success as A New Manager Training

1. First 90 Days Challenge

  • Accepting and transitioning into the role
  • Understanding why the skills that brought you here won't help you succeed here
  • Examining your team; strengths weaknesses, development opportunities
  • Maintaining your poise
  • Processes to move your specific team forward

2. Leadership Challenge

  • Creating a leadership vision
  • Understanding your leadership style
  • Avoiding the "being liked" trap
  • Promoting collaboration and trust
  • How to listen and use information better
  • The importance of being even and steady at work
  • The importance of being transparent
  • The importance of passion in leadership

3. Team Challenge

  • Establishing the Team Identity
  • Developing team norms and values
  • Creating and communicating the team vision
  • Strategies to reward/motivate high achievers
  • Strategies to maintain and value steady performers
  • Understanding the importance of values and cultural norms
  • Steps to motivating low performers
  • Coaching poor performers
  • Using discipline and knowing what HR will support

4. Goal setting and goal alignment

  • Creating effective Goals
  • Effective use of the SMART Goal design
  • Identifying and cascading strategic results
  • Creating team and Individual Score Cards
  • Implementing status and update meetings
  • Applying course corrections
  • Tracking progress

5. Performance Management

  • Having the annual Goal Setting conversation
  • Purpose of the Mid-year checking conversation
  • Interim coaching sessions
  • Preparing for the End of Year Performance Evaluation meeting
  • Rating employees

6. Conflict Management

  • Understanding the 5 Conflict Modes
  • Understanding of your preferred Conflict Handling Style
  • Effective application of the 5 Conflict Modes
  • Choosing a conflict strategy. Fight or flight?
  • Knowing when to intervene
  • Setting clear performance boundaries

7. Meeting Management

  • Holding results oriented meetings
  • Brainstorming and innovation sessions
  • Developing effective presentations
  • Overview of standard presentation techniques
  • Attending and presenting at executive level meetings

8. Effective Communication

  • The basic concepts of communication
  • Understanding Oral vs. Written Communication
  • Choosing the right format; Email, Memo, Report
  • Importance of Written Communication
  • Fostering effective communication and collaboration within teams

9. Writing Process (Practice Module)

  • Define your audience
  • Set your communication goal
  • Write a strong Opening
  • Use Action-Interest-Outcome formula
  • Grammar basics
  • Use of charts and graphs
  • Effective proofreading methods
  • Writing samples review

10. Working on Strategic Projects

  • Setting the strategic direction
  • Applying performance measures; targets, baselines, milestones
  • Presenting strategic Results
  • Performance Reporting
  • Knowledge Sharing
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