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Course #:TP2520

Coaching Essentials for Managers Training

In this course participants will learn how to build influence with their team members through the application of sound coaching techniques. During the course a clear distinction will be made between coaching employees and other emotionally supportive disciplines like psychotherapy and counseling. Ultimately, the coach on the job identifies opportunities for their team members to take advantage o. They provide strategies to achieve stated objectives, improve performance and help align work product with corporate initiatives. Participants will learn how to have effective coaching conversations that produce results.

What you will Learn

  • Techniques to effectively coach for performance
  • Understanding of the purpose and use of business based coaching
  • Understanding and application of the “coaching conversation”
  • Documentation techniques and follow-up strategies


1 Day

Outline of Coaching Essentials for Managers Training

1. Coaching Understood

  • Distinctions between coaching and therapy, mentoring, counseling, etc.
  • Overview of the coaching process
  • Entering into the Coaching Conversation

2. Coaching and Coaching Competencies explained

  • Active listening skills;
  • Reflective responses
  • Fostering internal awareness skills
  • Action observation skills.
  • Essential questioning skills
  • Action oriented focus

3. Getting into the fundamental coaching attitude

  • Explanation of coaching presence
  • Optimal conditions for coaching
  • Managing beliefs, values and assumptions
  • Managing the Support vs. Challenge balance

4. Getting into the coaching process.

  • Creating the coaching contract
  • Strategies to developing trust and build rapport.
  • Creating accountability and utilizing empathy.
  • Standard coaching tools.
  • Review the 4 basic types of coaching relationships
  • Working with strong emotions.
  • Documentation and follow up methods
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