Why Take This Course?

“Most new products will fail – even if they are flawlessly executed! Its commonly reported over 80% of projects are unsuccessful either because they are over budget, late, missing functionality, or a combination. Moreover, 30% of software projects are so poorly executed that they are canceled before completion.”

Do you want to find out if a product idea is actually what a customer will purchase, use and love? Has the ‘build and launch’ approach to product development cost your organization too much in time, money and lost opportunity? Do you want to inexpensively and quickly validate a product?

What you will Learn

This workshop makes extensive use of exercises that provide students these hands on experiences:

  • Accomplish tactical product visioning
  • Develop collective understanding by building a Collaborative Product Charter
  • Gain product understanding by capturing User Journeys in User Story Maps
  • Gaining rapid feedback by applying Build-Measure-Learn of Lean Startup
  • Creating pretotypes (pretend prototypes) to validate product ideas in hours or days instead of weeks or months, and spending pennies instead of many thousands of dollars.
  • Building components that provide incremental user value

  • Creating release plans towards success in product implementation and delivery

This workshop features an Active Learning component; here participants engage in presentations, discussions and activities for an in-workshop project and then apply that learning to their own product development.


This workshop is appropriate for everyone in an organization, including whole product teams: Developers, Testers, Analyst, Product Owners, Management, Technology Architects and representatives from the PMO.


2 Days