Oracle 11g New Features Overview Training

Course #:TP1634

Oracle 11g New Features Overview Training

This one (1) day course gives students the opportunity to learn about the new features and enhancements in Oracle Database 11g Release 1 to help them plan their use of the Oracle 11g features. This instructor-led lecture is supported by appropriate and detailed demonstrations.


At the end of this course the student should be able to:

  • Understand the Oracle 11g Release 1 New Features and Enhancements 


Management, Oracle Database Administrators and Developers. 


A basic understanding of the Oracle Architecture and its concepts.


One day

Outline of Oracle 11g New Features Overview Training

1. Oracle Database 11g Release 1: Upgrade Paths

2. Performance Enhancements 

  • Automatic SQL Tuning
  • SQL Performance Analyzer Overview
  • SQL Plan Management Overview
  • SQL Plan Baseline Architecture
  • Automatic Workload Repository Baselines
  • Performance Monitoring and Baselines
  • ADDM Enhancements
  • Automatic Memory Management
  • Database Replay

3. Backup and Recovery Enhancements 

  • Data Recovery Advisor
  • Repairing Data Failures
  • Proactive Checks
  • Setting Parameters to Detect Corruption
  • RMAN New Features and Enhancements

4. Flashback and LogMiner Enhancements

  • New and Enhanced Features for Flashback and LogMiner
  • Flashback Data Archive
  • Flashback Transaction Backout
  • Flashback Transaction Wizard

5. Diagnostic Enhancements

  • Automatic Diagnostic Repository
  • Incident Packaging Service
  • OEM Support Workbench Overview
  • Health Monitor Overview
  • Improved Block Corruption Detection
  • SQL Repair Advisor
  • Hang Manager

6. Security Enhancements

  • Built-in Password Complexity Checker
  • Built-in User Profile
  • Managing Default Audits
  • Tablespace Encryption
  • Oracle SecureFiles Overview

7. Storage Enhancements

  • Partitioning Enhancements
  • Automatic Storage Management New Features and Enhancements

8. Application Development New Features

  • Client-Side Query Cache
  • Sequences in PL/SQL Expressions
  • Named and Mixed Notation for PL/SQL Programs in SQL
  • New Compound Trigger Type
  • PL/Scope
  • PL/SQL CONTINUE Statement

9. Miscellaneous New Features

  • DDL with the WAIT Option
  • Invisible Index Overview
  • Simplified Temporary Tablespace Management
  • Read-Only Tables
  • Data Pump Enhancements
  • Automatic UNDO Management Default Setting
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