Network Administration for the Solaris 11 Operating System Training

Course #:SO122

Network Administration for the Solaris 11 Operating System Training

This course provides participants with the concepts and tools needed to understand and configure selected network server components in the Solaris 11 Operating System. 


On completion of this course, a systems adminstrator should be able to

  • Describe system troubleshooting fundamentals
  • Understand the components in Dynamic Tracing (DTrace)
  • Learn the basics of the scripting language
  • Write DTrace one-line and scripted procedures
  • Monitor system level activity
  • Look at the modules that comprise the Kernel Statics Framework
  • Write programs to access the KSTATS cells
  • Build system monitors using KSTATS with shell and Perl scripts 


This course normally requires three (3) days, approximately 60% lecture, and 40% lab time.


It is assumed that the participant has successfully completed the Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration course.

Outline of Network Administration for the Solaris 11 Operating System Training

Networking capabilities (overview)

  • Networking protocols
  • Transmission Control Protocol/IP (TCP/IP)
  • UDP
  • ARP
  • ICMP

Networking configuration (hardware)

  • LANs
  • NIC devices

Networking utilities (hardware)

  • netstat
  • ifconfig
  • snoop
  • kstat
  • arp
  • ping
  • dladm

Networking configuration (automated)

  • sysconfig
  • NWAM
  • Interface configuration via NWAM
  • dladm
  • ipadm
  • netcfg
  • nscfg
  • configuration of NCPs
  • NCU values
  • flows
  • static and DHCP setups

Creating virtual (VNIC) interfaces

  • connections to different network links
  • usage in Solaris 11 Zones

NIC channel bonding (aggregation)

  • advantages and types
  • creation (dladm)
  • monitoring
  • persistence via networking files

IP Network Multipathing (IPMP)

  • Features of IP multipathing
  • types (probe-based / link-based)
  • configuring IP multipathing
  • MAC addresses (SPARC)
  • /etc/notrouter
  • in.multipathd daemon
  • configuration via dladm and ipadm
  • troubleshooting and testing IPMP

Routing Configurations

  • static
  • /etc/networks
  • /etc/defaultrouter
  • /etc/norouter
  • /etc/inet/routing.conf
  • route command
  • routeadm utility
  • dynamic
  • /etc/gateways
  • in.routed daemon
  • routeadm utility
  • routing tables
  • multi-homed host setup
  • troubleshooting and testing routing

Configuring a DHCP server

  • components (dhcpmgr / dhcpconfig / pntadm)
  • control files and logging (dhtadm)
  • troubleshooting a DHCP server

DNS (Domain Name System)

  • concepts and functions
  • Configure DNS servers
  • Primary (files and utilities)
  • Secondary (files and utilities)
  • troubleshooting and testing DNS services

Configuring NTP (Network Time Protocol)

  • time management in Solaris 11
  • Configure an NTP server (/etc/inet/ntp.server)
  • Configure an NTP client (/etc/inet/ntp.client)
  • troubleshooting NTP

Networking Security

  • secure by default (netservices)
  • inetadm default (SMF) properties
  • service-specific (SMF) properties
  • local / remote restrictions
  • FTP (inbound) security controls
  • TCP Wrappers configuration and usage

Solaris11 IP Filter Firewall

  • configuration (/etc/ipf/ipf.conf)
  • packet filtering control (/etc/ifp/pfil.ap)
  • control (ipf / ipfstat / ipmon)
  • troubleshooting and testing IP Filter Firewall
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