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Course #:RA903G

Architecting Services with Rational Software Architect V7.5 and SoaML Training

This course teaches the process, tools, and key modeling decisions involved in designing a service-oriented architecture using IBM Rational Software Architect and the OMG SoaML specification. It describes how to apply practices to help teams deliver an SOA solution aligned with stakeholder needs and to increase defect prevention. In particular, the course demonstrates the principles of the Rational Service-Oriented Modeling and Architecture (Rational SOMA) method.


  • Describe the Rational Software Architect features to support Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions
  • Use a standard way to architect and model SOA solutions using SoaML
  • Apply the Rational SOMA practices to design an SOA with a service model
  • Discover candidate services and derive service capabilities from a business process
  • Specify service exposure with service interfaces and service behavior
  • Define data elements with service messages
  • Specify service providers and service consumers with participants, request points and service points
  • Define service architecture, participants and service contracts
  • Transform a service model into deployable components (SCA/BPEL/WSDL/XSD/Java)


This is an advanced course for:

  • Solution architects
  • SOA architects and designers


You should have:

  • Architecture and design using Rational Software Architect
  • Getting Started with SOA (WS007) 
  • Essentials of Modeling with IBM Rational Software Architect (RD565)


2 Days

Outline of Architecting Services with Rational Software Architect V7.5 and SoaML Training

  • Software Architecture and Service Orientation
  • Service Modeling Concepts and Practices
  • Service Identification
  • Service Specification
  • Service Realization
  • Service Implementation with SOA Transformations
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US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887