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Course #:LS109

Linux Kernel Fundamentals Training

The goal of this course is to provide the student with a fundamental knowledge of the internals of the Linux kernel. The focus is on understand the workings of the kernel, and not the theory. After completing this course, the student will have the necessary knowledge of the kernel required for the Linux Kernel Debugging course, or the Linux Device Drivers course. The course is also valuable to any system administrator who seeks to have a greater understanding of the Linux kernel.


This is an advanced level course. To obtain full value from this course, the students must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Proficient in the Fundamentals of Linux, Linux System Administration and C Programming
  Five days

Outline of Linux Kernel Fundamentals Training

Unit 1: Course Overview


Unit 2: Linux Kernel Introduction


Unit 3: Building the Linux Kernel


Unit 4: Process Management


Unit 5: Process Scheduling


Unit 6: System Calls


Unit 7: Interrupt and Exception Handlers


Unit 8: Kernel Synchronization


Unit 9: Time Management


Unit 10: Virtual Memory Manager


Unit 11: The Virtual File System


Unit 12: Linux Device Model

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