30 days.


  • 1 year experience in data manipulation/management
  • Familiarity with relational databases and SQL
  • Familiarity with Cloud concepts

Outline for Running Your First Data Warehouse Workload with BigQuery Training

Course Outline

  • Quick intro to BigQuery
  • Describe the essentials of BigQuery as a data warehouse
  • Demo: Getting started with BigQuery
  • Explore the different options for loading data into BigQuery
  • Batch vs Streaming
  • ETL vs ELT
  • Lab - Google Cloud Skills Boost: BigQuery Soccer Data Ingestion
  • Demo: Building Batch Pipelines to Load BigQuery
  • Next Steps: Making use of the Cloud Data Warehouse
  • Google Cloud Skills Boost Quest: Predict Soccer Match Outcomes with BigQuery ML
  • Google Cloud Skills Boost Quest: BigQuery for Marketing Analysts
  • Next Steps: More complex data loading
  • Google Cloud Skills Boost Quest: Engineer Data in Google Cloud
  • Q&A