• Customize the Case Manager Client User Interface
  • Customize the banner and the login page
  • Associate a custom icon for a MIME type
  • Modify labels in the IBM Case Manager Client
  • Create a Viewer Map for PDF files
  • View the Microsoft Word documents in the FileNet Viewer
  • Edit the existing help topics
  • Create a help plug-in
  • Customize the toolbar to implement actions
  • Add a custom action as a menu item
  • Use Scripts to Customize Case Manager Client
  • Use Script Adapter to customize the Case client
  • Create a toolbar button to start a task
  • Dynamically add a choice list to a case property
  • Validate the data based on a step response
  • Create a case custom workbench page
  • Configure your system for the workbench page
  • Add a Script Adapter to filter In-baskets
  • Add a Script Adapter to filter cases
  • Develop Custom Widgets
  • Create an IBM Content Navigator plug-in project in Eclipse
  • Create catalog and widget definition JSON files
  • Implement a custom widget (Custom search)
  • Build and register the widget package
  • Test the custom widget
  • Create a Java project in Eclipse for a widget package
  • Implement toolbar and menu for your widget
  • Define widget properties, and add event handling for your widget
  • Build and deploy the widget package with an EAR file
  • Troubleshoot
  • Update an existing widgets package with new widgets (Custom case comment widget as an example)
  • Uninstall a custom widget package in IBM Case Manager
  • Implement External Data Services (EDS)
  • Check the sample EDS configuration
  • Change the field status dynamically for a property
  • Add an external choice list with EDS
  • Create dependent choice lists with EDS
  • Implement case property validation
  • Prefill an initial value for a case property
  • Set the case property field status as required
  • Appendix: Steps to set up the sample External Data Service


This intermediate course is for anyone who needs to know the IBM Case Manager customization and developers who are responsible for:

  • Customizing and extending the IBM Case Manager features by developing widgets
  • Building a customized user interface for IBM Case Manager



You should have:

  • Intermediate level expertise in the following technologies:
  • Java
  • Dojo
  • JavaScript
  • JSON
  • HyperText Markup Language (HTML 5)
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3)
  • Experience with Eclipse IDE for developing applications
  • Familiarity with deploying applications in WebSphere Application Server
  • Familiarity with Case Management concepts

Recommended prerequisite courses:

  • IBM Case Manager 5.2 Introduction to Case Manager (F215G)
  • IBM Case Manager 5.2: Build a Case Manager Solution (F212G)
  • IBM Content Navigator 2.0.2: Plug-ins and External Data Services (F122G)


Three days

Outline for IBM Case Manager 5.2 - Customize and Extend the Features Training

Customize the Case Manager Client User Interface
Customize the Case Manager Client appearance
Customize the Banner appearance
Customize the login page
Change Icons for the client
Modify the labels in the Case Manager Client
Specify Viewers for File Types
Viewer Maps
Add custom help topics
Creating a help plug-in
Toolbar widgets
Use Scripts to Customize Case Manager Client
IBM Case Manager Development Architecture
IBM Case Manager API toolkits
IBM Content Navigator APIs
IBM Case Manager JavaScript API
Collaborative editing of objects
Script Adapter widget
Adding discretionary tasks
IBM Case Manager classes and events for adding tasks
Adding a choice list to a case property
IBM Case Manager classes for adding a choice list
Data Validation based on a step response
Case custom workbench pages
Filter In-basket SA - Script Adapter widget
Filter Search SA - Script Adapter widget
Tips for the labs and lab overview
Develop Custom Widgets
Custom widget development overview
Developing case management applications
Creating a custom page widget and actions package
IBM Content Navigator plug-in for the custom widget package
Setting up the development environment for plug-ins
Create registry files for the custom widget package
Catalog JSON file
Page widget definition JSON file
IBM Case Manager custom page widget development
Implementing a page widget
Files used to implement a page widget
Contents in a custom page widget package
Options for widget package deployment and registration
Folder structure for the custom widget project
Implement toolbar and menu for your widget
Build and deploy a widget as an EAR file
Widget package structure
Custom case comment widget
Update an existing widget package with new widgets
Implement External Data Services (EDS)
Case data from an external data source
Sample external data service
Java code in the sample EDS service
External Data Configuration in the sample
Start and Stop System Components
Debugging and troubleshooting
Additional Information and links