Recommended for this exam

  • Red Hat AMQ Administration (AD44O)

Skills Gained

  • Create a JBoss AMQ simple broker instance
  • Configure addresses, queues, and topics
  • Configure point-to-point and publisher-subscriber messaging
  • Understand JMS messaging naming convention
  • Configure expiring message, moving to Dead Letter queue
  • Configure fine-grained address settings
  • Apply AMQ broker wildcard syntax
  • Configure paging
  • Understand and tune performances
  • Enable/disable access to guest and configure guest access
  • Configure authorization and authentication
  • Secure network connection, acceptors, and connectors
  • Configure a cluster of brokers
  • Configure high availability and failover

Who Can Benefit?

  • Systems administrators responsible for implementing enterprise messaging systems using Red Hat JBoss AMQ
  • Systems architects designing and managing applications that use enterprise messaging systems based on Red Hat JBoss AMQ

Outline for Red Hat Certified Specialist in Messaging Administration exam Training