• Be a Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) or have comparable work experience and skills
  • Have taken the Red Hat JBoss Application Administration I (AD248) course or have work experience administering JBoss EAP and applications running on that platform

Skills Gained

  • Install and manage JBoss EAP
  • Install JBoss EAP to a specific location on a system
  • Configure minimal security requirements for accessing and managing JBoss EAP
  • Access and manage JBoss EAP using the provided tools
  • Configure and start a multi-node, multi-server JBoss EAP domain spanning at least two hosts with multiple servers per host
  • Configure JBoss EAP domains, hosts and servers
  • Create and remove JBoss EAP domains, hosts and servers
  • Start, monitor and stop individual JBoss EAP domains, hosts and servers
  • Configure Java™ memory usage at the host, server group and server level
  • Configure JBoss EAP to support clustered and HA operation
  • Configure persistent network bindings for JBoss EAP services (both addresses and ports)
  • Configure high-availability clustering using TCP unicast networking
  • Secure the communications channels between clustered nodes
  • Monitoring and managing JBoss EAP
  • Create and restore configuration snapshots
  • Configure JBoss EAP logging
  • Configuring Java Messaging Service
  • Remove, create and configure JMS topics and queues
  • Secure access to JMS destinations
  • Manage applications
  • Select appropriate JBoss EAP server profiles based on application requirements
  • Configure DataSources (both XA and non-XA compliant)
  • Deploy and undeploy applications
  • Deploy and undeploy additional libraries and drivers
  • Deploy a web application to the root context
  • Configure JBoss Web Connectors
  • Tune and configure JBoss EAP web properties as requested
  • Configure an SSL encrypted connection
  • Configure JBoss EAP security
  • Create, modify, and use security domains
  • Connect JBoss EAP to specified external security sources such as LDAP and DBMS
  • Secure access to JBoss EAP services

Who Can Benefit?

IT professionals who want to earn a credential that shows they have the skills and knowledge needed to install, configure, monitor, manage, and deploy applications to Red Hat JBoss EAP:

  • Application server systems administrators
  • Application administrators
  • Application developers
  • Deployment managers
  • System architects
  • Quality assurance engineers

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