5 days.


  • Experience with application development or Red Hat Application Development I: Programming in Java EE (JB183)
  • Be proficient in using an IDE such as Red Hat® Developer Studio or VSCode
  • Recommended, but not required: experience with Maven and version control.
  • Recommended, but not required: experience with OpenShift or Introduction to OpenShift Applications (DO101)
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Skills Gained

  • Deploy microservice applications on Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform.
  • Build a microservice application with Quarkus.
  • Implement unit and integration tests for microservices.
  • Use the config specification to inject data into a microservice.
  • Secure a microservice using OAuth.
  • Implement health checks, tracing and monitoring of microservices.
  • Build and deploy native Quarkus applications.

Who Can Benefit?

This course is designed for Java application developers.

    Outline for Red Hat Cloud-native Microservices Development with Quarkus Training

    Course Outline

    • Describe microservice architectures
    • Implement a microservice with Quarkus
    • Deploy microservice-based applications
    • Build microservice applications with Quarkus
    • Implement fault tolerance
    • Build and deploy native Quarkus applications
    • Test microservices
    • Create application health checks
    • Secure microservices
    • Monitor microservices