DB2 Version 8 Transition on z/OS Training

Course #:DB201

DB2 Version 8 Transition on z/OS Training

DB2 Version 8 is a total revision of Universal Database for z/OS. This course is designed for those already familiar with DB2 and planning to migrate to Version 8 of DB2. The course covers migration from Version 7. Functional and operational enhancements and their impact on the use of V8 are addressed. New functions, new utilities and existing utility enhancements, reliability, scalability, and availability are discussed. Detailed examples of new features are presented and each section ends with review questions to re-enforce key points.

One section covers the required preparation of Version 7 before an installation can migrate to version 8. Applications, Database Administration, and Systems Administration personnel will all be required to condition their respective environments before migration can begin.

  • DB2 version 8 overview
  • Availability, scalability, and performance enhancements
  • 64-bit virtual storage exploitation
  • Schema evolution
  • SQL enhancements
  • Utility enhancements
  • Application Improvements
  • Data Management enhancements
  • Data Sharing enhancements
  • System Administration improvements
  • e-business application improvements
  • Conditioning your Version 7 environment
  • The three modes of migration
  • Fallback consideration
  System and database administrators and other individuals who need an introduction to the new features of DB2 Version 8. Anyone migrating from other UDB platforms will also benefit from this class.
  Attendees should have prior experience or knowledge of either DB2 Version 6 or Version 7.
  Two days.

Outline of DB2 Version 8 Transition on z/OS Training

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