Learn how QA responsibilities are distributed between the BA and QA professional over the project lifecycle.  As you follow a project from initiation through to deployment and operations, you’ll learn and experience how BA and QA artifacts and activities fit together over the SDLC as you apply the V-Model. You’ll develop techniques to improve requirements-writing skills to create testable requirements, and acquire hands-on experience using essential V&V (Verification and Validation) techniques. The course includes use-case scenario testing, creation of the QA Plan, functional and non-functional (system) testing, QA metrics, Acceptance Testing, Decision Tables and Structured Walkthroughs, and incorporates BABOK 3, Six Sigma and Structured Testing guidelines.


• Projects are frequently behind schedule and over-budget due to the numerous times software must be revised until it matches the needs of users.
• Most of these revisions can be traced to errors or omissions either:
  • In the business requirements documentation (the original agreement with the developers), or,
  • Due to bugs in the code.
• Not only does this increase project costs and turnaround times, but when the software is exposed to the customer, poor quality erodes customer confidence.
• By effectively employing Quality Assurance techniques, the BA and QA professional are  able to improve project outcomes, by:
  • Verifying throughout the life cycle that the project does not stray from customer expectations.
  • Performing extensive and well-targeted tests on the software before it is released.

What makes this course stand out from the competition?

1. Six-Sigma:  Our course incorporates the most popular, current and effective QA approaches, including Six-Sigma.
2. The Job Aids: Each trainee receives invaluable Job Aids for use back at the office, including a complete test plan, test case template and a guide for Structured Walkthroughs.
3. Full life cycle QA: The trainee learns through practice what QA deliverables to create at each stage of a project and how all of the resulting artifacts connect to each other to support QA over the SDLC.
4. Experience: Our course is written and delivered by professionals with extensive practical experience in Quality Assurance for IT projects.


• Business Analysts
• QA Professionals: QA Analysts, Testers, and their managers
• Business users and developers who need to be able to test computer systems from a business and user perspective.




2 days