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Implementing DevOps Development Processes Training

This course provides the knowledge and skills to implement DevOps processes. Students will learn how to use source control, scale Git for an enterprise, and implement and manage build infrastructure.


After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of using source control.
  • Migrate from TFVC to Git.
  • Scale Git for Enterprise DevOps.
  • Implement and manage build infrastructure.
  • Manage application config & secrets.
  • Implement a mobile DevOps strategy.


Students in this course are interested in implementing DevOps processes or in passing the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions certification exam.


Students should have fundamental knowledge about Azure, version control, Agile software development, and core software development principles. It would be helpful to have experience in an organization that delivers software.


One Day.


Outline of Implementing DevOps Development Processes Training

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Source Control

  • Lesson 1: What is Source Control
  • Lesson 2: Benefits of Source Control
  • Lesson 3: Types of Source Control Systems
  • Lesson 4: Introduction to Azure Repos
  • Lesson 5: Migrating from TFVC to Git
  • Lesson 6: Authenticating to Your Git Repos

Chapter 2: Scaling Git for Enterprise DevOps

  • Lesson 1: How to Structure Your Git Repo
  • Lesson 2: Git Branching Workflows
  • Lesson 3: Collaborating with Pull Requests
  • Lesson 4: What Care about GitHooks
  • Lesson 5: Fostering Internal Open Source
  • Lesson 6: Git Versioning
  • Lesson 7: Public Projects
  • Lesson 8: Files in Git

Chapter 3: Implement and Manage Build Infrastructure

  • Lesson 1: The Concept of Pipelines in DevOps
  • Lesson 2: Azure Pipelines
  • Lesson 3: Evaluate the use of Hosted vs Private Agents
  • Lesson 4: Agent Pools
  • Lesson 5: Pipelines and Concurrency
  • Lesson 6: Azure DevOps and Open Source Projects
  • Lesson 7: Azure Pipelines YAML vs Visual Designer
  • Lesson 8: Setup Private Agents
  • Lesson 9: Integrate Jenkins with Azure Pipelines
  • Lesson 10: Integration External Source Control with Azure Pipelines
  • Lesson 11: Analyze and Integrate Docker with Multi-stage Builds

Chapter 4: Managing Application Config and Secrets

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Security
  • Lesson 2: Implement Secure and Compliant Development Processes
  • Lesson 3: Rethinking Application Config Data
  • Lesson 4: Manage Secrets, Tokens, and Certificates
  • Lesson 5: Implement Tools for Managing Security and Compliance

Chapter 5: Implement a Mobile DevOps Strategy

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Mobile DevOps Strategy
  • Lesson 2: Introduction to Visual Studio App Center
  • Lesson 3: Manage Mobile Target Device Sets and Distribution Groups
  • Lesson 4: Manage Target UI Test Device Sets
  • Lesson 5: Provision Tester Devices for Deployment
  • Lesson 6: Create Public and Private Distribution Groups
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