• Proficiency in developing Java SE applications, with 2+ years of experience required
  • Proficiency in using an IDE such as Red Hat Developer Studio or Eclipse
  • Experience with Maven is recommended but not required

Skills Gained

  • Generating multi-tiered Java EE applications.
  • Packaging and deploying Java EE applications.
  • Creating Enterprise Java Beans, including message-driven beans.
  • Managing persistence.
  • Creating REST services with JAX-RS.
  • Implementing Contexts and Dependency Injection.
  • Creating messaging applications with JMS.
  • Securing Java EE applications with JAAS.

Who Can Benefit?

This course is designed for Java developers who want to learn more about the specifications that comprise the world of Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE).

    Outline for Red Hat Application Development I: Programming in Java EE Training

    Transition to multi-tiered applications

    • Describe Java EE features and distinguish between Java EE and Java SE applications.

    Package and deploying applications to an application server

    • Describe the architecture of a Java EE application server, package an application, and deploy the application to an EAP server.

    Create Enterprise Java Beans

    • Develop Enterprise Java Beans, including message-driven beans.

    Manage persistence

    • Create persistence entities with validations.

    Manage entity relationships

    • Define and manage JPA entity relationships.

    Create REST services

    • Create REST APIs using the JAX-RS specification.

    Implement Contexts and Dependency Injection

    • Describe typical use cases for using CDI and successfully implement it in an application.

    Create messaging applications with JMS

    • Create messaging clients that send and receive messages using the JMS API.

    Secure Java EE applications

    • Use JAAS to secure a Java EE application.

    Comprehensive review of Red Hat JBoss Development I: Java EE

    • Demonstrate proficiency of the knowledge and skills obtained during the course.