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10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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06/13/2022 - 06/13/2022
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07/25/2022 - 07/25/2022
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The courseware is sufficiently detailed with reference content and samples to serve as both an after class search reference and as search “cheat sheet”.

What you will Learn

  • Understand how search crawls and indexes content.
  • Use core SharePoint search features to find documents.
  • Use wildcards and Boolean operators.
  • Build queries using the Advanced Search page.
  • Search for people.
  • Search using Managed Properties.
  • Search using dates and numbers.
  • Work with Content Type and Content Class properties.
  • Work with multiple languages.

Audience profile

This course is intended for:

  • SharePoint end users
  • SharePoint Site Owners
  • SharePoint Site Collection Administrators
  • SharePoint Administrators and Developers
  • SharePoint Governance Auditors
  • Anybody who needs to “find stuff” in SharePoint 2013


  • Experience installing PC hardware and devices.
  • Basic understanding of TCP/IP and networking concepts.
  • Basic Windows and Active Directory knowledge.
  • The skills to map network file shares.
  • Experience working from a command prompt.
  • Basic knowledge of the fundamentals of applications. For example, how client computer applications communicate with the server.
  • Basic understanding of security concepts such as authentication and authorization.
  • An understanding of the fundamental principles of using printers.


1 Day

Outline for SharePoint 2013 Search for Power Users Training

Module 1: SharePoint Search

This module provides an introduction to the topics covered in the class and introduces SharePoint search terminology.


  • Who is this class for?
  • Prerequisites
  • SharePoint versions and search feature differences
  • None

Module 2: How Search Works

This module covers how SharePoint search finds and indexes content.


  • Before you can run… you must Crawl!
  • The Search Flow
  • Crawl Sources
  • What is Indexed
  • What is not Indexed
  • Content Processing
  • Search is Security Trimmed
  • Alternates to Search
  • Search Limitations

Lab : How Search Works

  • Feature and limitation quiz.
  • Understand the concepts of crawling and indexing content and the impact on search availability and freshness.
  • Understand the limits of search, especially what is not indexed.

Module 3: Core Search Techniques

This module covers the use of the core search techniques.


  • Search Basics
  • Where can you search?
  • Search Navigation
  • Shoot first and see what you hit…
  • Refining Your Search
  • Aim then shoot…
  • Include or Exclude
  • Wildcards
  • Boolean Operators
  • Files in Libraries vs. Files as Attachments
  • Search Verticals
  • Searching for People
  • The Advanced Search Page
  • Creating Search Alerts
  • Search Preferences
  • The List and Library Search Box
  • The OneDrive Pro Query Box

Lab : Core Search Techniques

Exercise 1: Using core search techniques.

Exercise 2: Using the Enterprise Search Center.

  • Use the core search features including keywords, wildcards and Boolean operators.
  • Identify the various places to start a search and the benefits of each.
  • Search for people.

Module 4: Managing Sites and Pages

This module covers the more advanced search techniques.


  • Property Searches
  • Out of the Box Managed Properties
  • Data Types
  • Comparison Operators
  • ContentClass
  • Content Types
  • When is a Title not the Title?
  • Examples of Property Searches
  • Working with Multi-Lingual Content
  • What you can do to improve search results

Lab : Managing Sites and Pages

Exercise 1: Using Managed Properties.

Exercise 2: Working with numbers and dates.

Exercise 3: Finding lists and content by ContentClass.

Exercise 4: Finding content by language.

  • Find content based on Managed Properties.
  • Properly search for items using dates.
  • Find lists and libraries by type.
  • Search using multiple languages.
  • Understand how a search administrator can tune search.
  • Understand how to best manage content to make it findable.

Module 5: Appendix: Codes and Lists

The appendix contains several detailed lists of codes and features useful to users of SharePoint search.


  • Out of the Box Result Sources
  • Frequently Used Managed Properties
  • Content Class Codes
  • SharePoint Search File Types
  • Search Features by Edition
  • Understand Codes and Lists