Microsoft Windows 8 For New Users Training

Course #:55127

Microsoft Windows 8 For New Users Training

The goal of this one-day instructor-led course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively work and navigate in Microsoft Windows 8.

What you will Learn

  • Describe the benefits of Windows 8.
  • Understand the differences between the various editions of Windows 8.
  • Navigate in the Start Screen and Desktop UI.
  • Find applications and content.
  • Manage and secure your computer device.
  • Organize and work with applications.


This course is intended for All Users interested in working with Microsoft Windows 8, the new modern user interface (previously known as Metro UI) and other supporting technologies. Typical environments where Windows 8 is used can vary between a single computer used at home and a network computer at work in a full enterprise environment.


Basic computer skills (managing files and browsing the web).


1 Day

Outline of Microsoft Windows 8 For New Users Training

Module 1: Introducing Windows 8

This lesson provides a general overview of the features of Windows 8. You will be given an introduction of the new user interface including touch centric features; the different Windows 8 editions and upgrading from previous Windows operating systems.


  • Introducing Windows 8
  • Windows 8 User Interface
  • Navigating the User Interface
  • Finding Apps and Content
  • Organizing Apps
  • Managing Apps
  • Securing your Device
  • Managing your Device

Lab : Searching for Apps and Documents

  • Launching the Control Panel
  • Locating Files and Photos
  • Displaying a Map
  • Searching the Microsoft Store

Lab : Organizing the Start Screen

  • Pinning a Website to the Start Screen
  • Searching for a Website and Pin to Start Screen
  • Creating a Tile Group

Lab : Installing an App from the Windows Store

  • Searing and Installing an App
  • Uninstalling an App

Lab : Working with User Accounts and Settings

  • Add a Microsoft Account
  • Creating a PIN Code
  • Creating a Picture Password
  • Configuring Family Safety Settings
  • Configuring Data Synchronization

Lab : Configuring the Device

  • Creating a Custom Power Plan
  • Reviewing Notification Settings
  • Viewing Notifications
  • Understand the differences between Windows 8 and earlier versions of Windows.
  • Describe the touch centric features of Windows 8.
  • Understand the Windows 8 editions.
  • Describe which versions of Windows can be upgraded to Windows 8.
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