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Web Age Architecture Governance Framework

Ultimately improvements in architecture maturity are about improving alignment of IT assets to the business. Plainly, this means demonstrating that infrastructure is built to service the business, and demonstrating that this architecture has tangible cash benefit.  The Web Age Architecture Governance Framework includes:


  1. Setting a blueprint of prioritized activity into an overall capability plan which is aligned to delivering on key elements of organizational value.
  2. Optimizing initiative sequencing and capability-based planning with the client team.
  3. Determining the organizational value associated with capability plan elements and KPIs to be managed.
  4. Making a selection of best practices, techniques and artifacts for task plan activities.
  5. Creating a detailed task plan and schedule for artifact production.
  6. Setting a meeting schedule to audit artifacts produced by the client team.
  7. Determining the education roadmap by assessing the needed skills to support the plan execution.
  8. Preparing for the next planning cycle by assessing benefit realization and refactoring the plan elements based on observed performance.


The Web Age Architecture Governance Framework is a management structure for Architecture improvement and oversight to ensure teams make tangible improvement in performance.

Strategic Interaction

The Web Age Governance Framework is designed to enable strategic plan execution through oversight and monitoring of key milestone delivery.  In this way, strategic plans are met, even when faced with challenging work loads.  To oversee the Governance framework Web Age uses a support agreement and interacts with the client team in seven areas:


  1. Jointly producing a Capability Plan in which the business value of each capability is assigned
  2. Delivery of templates and techniques to support the governance model
  3. Task plan monitoring
  4. Artifact quality review and auditing
  5. Training delivery to support the education roadmap
  6. Value delivery and architecture maturity assessment
  7. Participate in the semi-annual planning cycle with the client team and facilitate planning, refactoring and benefit realization reporting

Web Age Support and Mentoring Program Structure

Web Age Expects the Client Team to Internalize Governance over Time. The Web Age Program delivers a high level of support in the first six months to implement and oversee the governance framework, then declines over time as program elements are internalized.  As business benefits realized by the framework of improvement crystalize, the amount of external effort needed to oversee and support the framework declines.

Web Age manages the governance framework by assigning people to key oversight, mentoring and training roles:


  • Oversight focuses on milestone review points and formalized reporting on achievement
  • Mentoring focuses on the ongoing delivery of support, advice, explanation, and techniques to execute on tasks.
  • Training focuses on extracting from Web Age’s over 350 courses the key modules needed by team members to build skills and accelerate task execution.


Together this integrated team structure partners with your organization to  oversee plan execution, measure the value of what is delivered, and ensure that your team has the requisite skills at the time when these activities are being performed.

US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887