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Project intake brings together skill in architecture, requirement elicitation, project estimation, prioritization and project management to triage new ideas from the business. It’s a process which requires a broad base of skill to execute effectively:

Facilitation and creating a positive customer experience rather than enforcing rules.
Focus on processes and an outcome which is a service to the business rather than templates.
The ability to help customers tell you just the right information rather than a lot of information.
Web Age knows one size does not fit all companies, but there is a toolkit of approaches upon which we draw to choose techniques which are right for the client situation. We focus on designing a thin process which executes in hours rather than days or weeks, and reporting the information in a format that works for executives.

How can we Help in Project Intake?

  • Assessment – Let us look at your current approach to intake, assess how this is impacting your IT staff performance and identify alternatives
  • Education – Let us assess the weaknesses and take you through our training programs in process management and business analysis, or architecture.
  • Kick Start – Sometimes it’s as simple as asking us to deal with it for you.  We’ll drop in a person or a team to do the intake triage while we together determine the right magnitude of capability for your organization and we shape the approach to best fit your organization.
  • Governance – You might have a great program concept, but is your team hitting the milestones for improvement?  We have a strong governance approach that provides the combination of support, education and goal management to ensure tasks are completed.
US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887