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Here’s where we’re at in Sharepoint…

  • We’ve done the architecture and upgrade planning for some of the largest Sharepoint implementations, assembled the roadmap for change and  helped clients build out articulate project plans with fine-grained delivery milestones
  • We know the major variations you need to take into account depending on what the client has today and what is dictated by the roadmap.  We help companies in:  testing custom developments, upgrading infrastructure, upgrading service applications (called SSP’s in SharePoint 2007), upgrading branding, upgrading custom developments (such as branding master pages CSS, Page Layouts, Themes), browser(CEWP), SPD, VS), upgrade taxonomies, and exposing new application services.
  • We’ve got a huge Sharepoint training practice – which is fairly important when you have to train lots of stakeholders across development, user community, architecture and content management in what’s new.
  • We know the big areas of risk such as  determining the costs to make the transformations necessary, the issues in upgrading custom development and  we understand that until  all the custom applications have been tested in a 2010 environment it is impossible to know what needs to be upgraded, and what can be reused.  We also know that most clients see this as an opportunity to update the UI, so design of a new UI can take time.

For most clients, a Sharepoint 2010 upgrade starts with building an upgrade roadmap, building an understanding of the current environment, and then delivering a project plan that makes the upgrade happen within the client’s timeframes.  Often, we engage the client staff in a co-sourcing or mentoring framework to do upgrade activities to reduce costs and get results faster.  In this mode, we team, we teach, and we oversee the core activities while ensuring the essential milestones are being managed.

We’re Microsoft Gold certified.

US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887