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What differentiates average enterprises from exceptional ones is the ability to align IT solutions with the needs of the business. This results in faster, leaner, and more productive enterprises that outperform other organizations within their same industry. At the heart of this strategic alignment between business and IT is a comprehensive vision crafted by Enterprise Architecture (EA). EA is about faster processes, improved analytics, on-demand reporting, revenue-generating innovations, along with other competitive advantages and productivity enhancements that can be enabled through the proper infusion of technology. Enterprise Architecture drives the selection and adoption of technology capabilities that can add fuel to existing business initiatives or to provide new levels of efficiency in program delivery and service quality that were not previously available to the business. The proper technical architecture empowers organizations to be faster, leaner, and better able to adapt to changes in the marketplace and better service the needs of taxpayers.


The Web Age team has hundreds of certifications in various technologies, designations from architectural best practices standards groups like the Open Group to train people in the implementation of these practices, and practices set up to assess the maturity of architectural practices at companies worldwide. We have been called upon to provide vision in cloud computing for one of the world’s largest equipment manufacturers, trained almost five thousand of staff of various system integrators in how to do Service Oriented Architecture, and are engaged by the major mobile carriers to help them deploy mission critical mobile development capability.


Web Age has delivered Enterprise Architecture vision and direction hundreds of times, provided architectural support for modernization dozens of times, and backs our extensive experience in consulting with over 350 IT Architecture-related courses, and deep experience implementing architectural standards. This depth of capability enables us to train clients in modern technologies like cloud, mobile, service oriented architecture and others, and enable them to make their own decisions on how best to use these technologies within their environment. Taking this approach, clients internalize capability and feel more ownership over the key decisions which are needed in a larger scale modernization. Better informed decisions and greater ownership of results, translates into far superior solutions and smoother implementation.


Our experience includes many larger scale activities including the following.


AWIN Consortium – IT Architecture for UI Tax and Benefit Modernization for the States of Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho and North Dakota

The team members proposed in this response were accountable for delivering the Reference Architecture, Solution Architecture, Technical Architecture, and a technical Proof of Concept that the technologies involved could, in fact, be turned into working and maintainable solutions.  This architecture activity involved dozens of technical stakeholders, coordinating input from hundreds of business stakeholders, modeling 500 or so use cases in various stages of architecture evolution and a facilitative approach that drove consensus amongst diverse agendas.


Modernization of a Major Pension Fund Company

A global top 20 Pension Fund company and recent Global Pension Fund of the Year elected to engage the Proposer to modernize its infrastructure.  This means developing the vision for modernization, identifying the key technologies needed to modernize, and leading the organization through a process of adding the functionalities the company will need to improve its competitiveness and flexibility in the future.  Like many clients this one was looking to have a more facilitative approach to architecture development and wanted to work alongside the vendor, have their people participate in every step of the architecture process and develop a world-leading approach.

US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887