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Identifying, equipping, and retaining quality information systems architecture skill sets is challenging in today’s dynamic business environment.

Getting Serious About Information Systems Architecture

There is an increasing interest in the subject of architecture and it is well recognized that formal architecture guidance is needed.  Furthermore, organizations are looking for support in developing the architecture for key systems or even their entire enterprise model.  Organizations are no longer content with business and technology silos, short-term thinking, and inefficient enterprise investment approaches, organizations are overwhelmingly recognizing the value of good architecture.

The Architecture Skills Challenge

  • Challenge #1 – There are many skilled practitioners of architecture that have never received formal training in the analysis and development of enterprise, business, data, or technology architecture.
  • Challenge #2 – Many organizations are faced with an aging population of subject matter experts and no cohesive strategy for mentoring the next generation and facilitating a transfer of knowledge.
  • Challenge #3 – Architecture skills are perceived as a mystical art that is rather akin to magic with little or no ability to consistently identify, hire, and/or develop architecture skills within the enterprise.

The Solution – Architecture University

In response to these challenges, Architecture Mentors has crafted an education and mentoring program designed to support organizations of all shapes and sizes in the development of custom architecture education tracks which we describe as ‘Architecture University’.

Architecture University (AU) is a customizable program that enables organizations to build a unique path for the identification, development, and on-going improvement of their architecture practice.

For some of our clients, AU is more of a quick bootcamp to level-set everyone regarding terms, concepts, methodologies, frameworks, and tools. For others, it is a multi-year initiative in the form of a perpetual asset that identifies, qualifies, educates, mentors, and empowers individuals to serve as competent enterprise, solution, domain, software, and technical architects.

US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887