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Make Standards Work for You

Architecture maturity assessments drive a road map for change and improvement while creating recognition opportunity for the accomplishments made by the team to date.  Maturity assessments are not about beating people up because of the lack of standards, they are about clearly understanding what is, so that the plan for what can be is both clear and achievable.

High maturity does not mean you are a slave to standards, it means your team knows what to do, and when to do it and there is an elegant simplicity in the approach used to complete work.



There are two levels of detail we go to in our maturity assessment work depending on the client need:


1. We assess organizations against the architecture toolbox, identify gaps, run planning workshops and engage the team to map out the plan for improving maturity and the action items in the plan.  This level is for the team that wants the roadmap, the milestones, and governance implanted to make progress happen.
2. We can look at absolutely… everything….  Not a secret remains, no interdepartmental handoff goes unscrutinized, artifacts are assessed.  It is not about simply the artifacts, it’s about an assessment against a standard to which the organization has chosen to be accountable – our default is our own Maturity Model below, but you could also use TOGAF.  What follows is the maturity assessment and recommendations regarding the architecture processes, techniques, artifacts and deliverables, tools, reference models, patterns and templates in use within your teams.  What follows are governance recommendations which we recommend be followed to ensure that next year, your maturity level is higher.

Making Improvement

Let’s be candid about making change.  Everyone knows that to loose weight you eat less and exercise more…  but we still have an epidemic of obesity in North America.  Ever had a personal trainer for your business that kept an eye on your staff’s milestones and helped keep you on track?  It’s amazing how much more focused the organization becomes when everyone knows outcomes will be closely managed.

When you sign up to the maturity assessment with Web Age, you have the option to also look at our governance framework which delivers milestone oversight, a person dedicated to helping your team gain in productivity, and the training assets needed to help them internalize and execute.


Introducing the Meta-Architecture Maturity Model™

Web Age Solutions has developed a CMMI-inspired maturity model that supports benchmarking and process improvement with respect to architecture. The maturity model is equally applicable to strategic-level enterprise architecture as it is to tactical-level solution architecture, and also operational-level technical architecture. The terminology and core conceptual model that the Meta-Architecture Maturity Model uses are all defined by The Meta-Architectoolbox™.


US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887