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Why train in JavaScript in Chicago?

When you think of Chicago you probably picture the amazing architecture first and not the local tech industry. This isn’t surprising as Chicago’s tech scene has been flying under the radar for a number of years with major tech cities such as San Francisco, Austin, and Silicon Valley stealing the media limelight. However, that could all be about to change as the Windy City has been named at number three on KPMG’s list of innovative cities in the US, with only New York and Washington ranking higher. In fact, Chicago even managed to secure the 6th spot on their list of innovative cities globally!

While Chicago may now be named alongside better known tech cities there’s something very different about its tech scene that makes it really stand out. Rapidly developing tech industries are renowned for an abundance of accessible funding and a risk-taking culture, but Chicago breaks these rules. The city and its residents are unique, they combine their make-it-work attitude with cautious self-belief, which creates an innovative environment that doesn’t rely on risky behavior to be successful.

Chicago isn’t just attracting small startups, in fact it’s acquired a wide selection of innovative businesses that span across many sectors. Chicago has become the base for a growing number of well-known B2B and B2C businesses including Expedia, Braintree, Groupon, Motorola, Career Builder, and GrubHub. The strong growth of Chicago’s tech industry is the result of a combination of factors that have helped to create a supportive environment for innovative businesses. One such factor is the three entrepreneurial centers that call the city home. TechNexus, theMart, and 1871 provide tech businesses, startups, and incubators with a space to evolve and grow. The culture of the city also helps power the development of the tech scene with the can-do attitude of Chicagoans creating a strong, reliable, and focused talent pool. However, the growth of innovative businesses and the large number of corporate relocations to the city are creating strong competition for highly skilled tech workers. This is especially true for key tech skills such as JavaScript, which has become an integral part of any website, game, or app coding project. To solve this issue businesses are turning to in-house training solutions to train their existing team to take on these JavaScript developer roles within their organization. This cost-effective option allows businesses to not just retain team members who are knowledgeable about their business but also solve their recruitment issues.

What is JavaScript?

Developers use three coding languages when they create websites, games or apps, these are CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Two of these languages, HTML and CSS, provide a solid foundation for the development of websites, apps, etc., however they don’t have the ability to provide the full functionality needed for today’s highly interactive features. What makes JavaScript special is that it’s a multi-paradigm language that supports imperative, object-oriented, and functional programming. Without the use of JavaScript any dynamic or interactive components on a website, app or game would not be able to show updates or function correctly. JavaScript provides the code to allow objects such as forms, graphics or maps to work correctly. If you want a high-quality user experience you need JavaScript to power it!

Should you train your team in JavaScript?

There was a time when users expected a simple experience on a website, but that’s not the case in today’s highly developed tech world. While JavaScript was once an added bonus it’s now an essential skill that your team needs to have if you want to build intuitive, interactive, and successful consumer facing apps, games, or websites. Technology is continuing to evolve the way a business interacts with its clients and as each advancement in device functionality happens consumers expect businesses to create user experiences that fully integrate these new capabilities. Providing ongoing JavaScript training to your team is essential if you want your business to stay up to date with all of the latest JavaScript developments. Investing in training not only ensures that you meet client expectations it’s also helps ensure the long-term future of your company.

Another benefit of providing your team with training in JavaScript is the benefits that it will bring to the development process. Creating a solid foundational knowledge across your team helps ensure that the production process runs smoothly, which in turn improves efficiency and improves the quality of releases. This base of knowledge also improves communication within the team as team members are working with the same minimum level of JavaScript knowledge and fully understand how to get the most out of the coding language. Better communication reduces misunderstandings and empowers the software production process to work at optimal efficiency. JavaScript is incredibly powerful and is an integral part of creating a user experience that keeps clients happy. Train your team in JavaScript to improve development products, reduce production time, and create the ultimate experience for your customers.

JavaScript classes in Chicago from Web Age Solutions

Web Age Solutions is a leading IT training provider in both the US and Canada. Our JavaScript courses in Chicago are the perfect solution for businesses who want to keep their team up to date with all of the latest JavaScript developments. With many years of experience providing IT training to fortune 500 businesses we understand how important it is for students to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to implement their skills within a business environment. We’ve developed a large selection of JavaScript courses in Chicago that cover everything from foundational knowledge to cutting edge language advancements. Our courses are offered in three ways: as traditional in person classroom lessons, via video classes, or through online training. We’ve created these learning formats to ensure that even the busiest teams have access to training that works around their schedule. Choose from courses covering leading frameworks including Angular JS, ReactJS, and Node.js.

Some of our most popular JavaScript Classes in Chicago include:

  • Mastering jQuery Training

Web Age Solution’s jQuery course is the perfect training option for front-end developers with existing JavaScript and DOM API knowledge. The training teaches students to fully utilize the jQuery JavaScript toolkit, which is platform agnostic. The curriculum includes coverage of manipulating page elements, event models, plugins, using selectors, Ajax, and jQuery basics.

  • Introduction to Angular 4 Training

This course is designed to give students a thorough introduction to Angular 4. Students will develop a strong foundational knowledge of the framework including how to use Angular to create single page web applications, building and working with Angular forms, writing Angular code, exchanging data using the Angular HTTP client, and many other topics. Students are taught through a combination of lectures and lab exercises which help students gain a practical knowledge of the subjects being covered. Class prerequisites include CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

  • Advanced JavaScript for Web 2.0 Training

This is an advanced course targeted at front-end developers with an existing knowledge of JavaScript. The curriculum covers the technical and theoretical aspects of AngularJS, JavaScript best practices, and testing JavaScript programs. Students will graduate understanding how to code JavaScript programs.

Chicago JavaScript and Coding Course Listings

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With many years of experience providing JavaScript training in Chicago Web Age Solutions has developed a deep understanding of what students need to learn to be successful in enterprise level businesses. Our wide range of JavaScript classes in Chicago cover a broad range of topics from introductory classes to advanced training sessions. Students will leave each course with the knowledge and the confidence needed to implement their skills within a software production environment. Our course list above shows available classes in the area, however, if your business has specific training needs or you would like to discuss JavaScript certification in Chicago please call our team at (877) 517-6540.

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