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Why train in DevOps in Chicago?

While Chicago is currently better known for its architecture than its tech scene that could soon be about to change. Chicago’s innovative tech industry is on the brink of becoming as well known as the tech scene in major technology hubs like Silicon Valley and San Francisco. The now infamous tech scenes in other big cities are renowned for their rapid development, abundance of funding, and a risk-taking attitude. Chicago and Chicagoans are different, the city, culture, and people combine to produce a unique environment that breeds innovation without the need to take unnecessary risk. In fact, Chicago was named as the sixth best innovation hub in the world KPMG. It even grabbed the third spot in the US, with only New York and Washington ranking higher.

One of the most impressive things about Chicago’s tech scene is the diversity in the tech businesses that call the city home. Tech in Chicago isn’t just limited to one sector with an abundance of both B2B and B2C businesses driving industry growth. In fact, a large number of highly innovative tech businesses are based in the area including Groupon, Braintree, GrubHub, Expedia, Motorola, and Career Builder.

Chicago’s success can be attributed to a number of factors such as a strong group of venture capital firms, supportive environment, and make-it-work attitude. Along with the can-do culture of Chicago’s residents the development of the city’s entrepreneurial centers has played a fundamental role in helping the city’s tech industry grow. Chicago is home to three large tech centers: 1871, TechNexus, and theMart, which all help to drive the ongoing growth in tech jobs and the need for companies to innovate to stay competitive. Businesses in the area are experiencing the same talent shortage as firms located elsewhere in the US, with competition for key positions such as DevOps roles becoming intense, especially with the number of corporate relocations to the city growing each year. One cost-effective solution that businesses are turning to is to train their existing team members in specialist areas of IT such as DevOps. More and more businesses are seeing the benefits that a DevOps environment can bring to a development team and are actively training their teams to adopt DevOps methodologies and principles.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a set of development principles and methodologies that are designed to help improve the efficiency of the software development process. DevOps uses automation and continuous monitoring to make sure that the production process is running smoothly. The DevOps theory is based around creating cohesion between the development and operation teams, to do this DevOps leaders who can act as a liaison between these teams are needed. With the creation of a cohesive unit a DevOps team is able to operate a continuous deployment environment, where software is created in small chunks and deployed on a much more frequent basis. This system reduces problems, improves efficiency, and ensures that resources are fully utilized.

Should you train your team in DevOps?

Adopting a DevOps environment for your development teams will bring a wide range of benefits to your business. DevOps is more than just a set of principles to try and follow, it’s an entire methodology that envelopes your teams and increases both the efficiency and productivity of your business. To fully take advantage of the benefits offered by DevOps it’s vital to ensure that your team fully understands the best ways to implement and use the DevOps principles and methods. Businesses that train their employees to embrace DevOps see a reduction in software development issues and improved communication between system operators, software developers, and other IT teams. This improved cohesion between teams helps facilitate the smooth flow of software production within the organization and creates a more transparent production environment. Businesses based in Chicago are perfectly placed to switch to a DevOps environment as they can take advantage of the can-do culture and skilled tech talent to support the transition. So why train your team in DevOps? Although Chicago is home a growing number of talented tech workers businesses find it incredibly difficult to recruit suitable candidates for DevOps roles. DevOps leaders have a unique skillset that is not yet common in the tech industry and people who possess these skills are highly sought after, especially in Chicago’s innovative tech scene. The simple solution to this problem is to invest in your existing tech team. DevOps methodologies can be taught to entire teams and training is not just an investment in your employees, it’s an investment in the long-term success of your business.

DevOps classes in Chicago from Web Age Solutions

Web Age Solutions has a range of courses that will empower your team to adopt advanced DevOps methodologies. Our wide range of courses cover all areas of DevOps from skills needed to transition to a DevOps environment, to using DevOps principles for all development tasks. Our training is designed to give students an in-depth knowledge of DevOps, including the methodology, tools, and processes that are vital to the success of a DevOps team. We also offer courses that cover the use of specific tools such as Maven, Docker, Jenkins, Git, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Ansible, and many others.

Each of our DevOps courses in Chicago are targeted at key roles within a DevOps team, for example we have courses to train managers of teams, and classes to teach engineers to operate in a DevOps environment.

Choose from in person classes, online courses, or video training sessions to take your software development team to the next level.

Some of our most popular DevOps courses in Chicago include:

  • DevOps Fundamentals

DevOps fundamentals provides students with a thorough introduction to the principles and methodologies of a DevOps environment. The curriculum covers core concepts to help students understand why, when, and how to use DevOps in an enterprise level organization. This DevOps training in Chicago gives students a hands-on education to help them gain the confidence to implement their knowledge in a business environment.

  • DevOps For Leaders Training

DevOps leaders play an essential role in the success of a DevOps team. This course provides the ultimate training to ensure that leaders can transition their teams to a DevOps environment and manage their production going forward. This course empowers leaders to create transition roadmaps with a 30, 60, and 90-day plan. Leaders will gain a clear understanding of the culture, processes, people, and tools needed to create a strong DevOps team. Students will leave understanding how to make the right decisions to support and manage IT teams in a DevOps environment.

  • DevOps Bootcamp

This is the ideal course for students looking to learn the key values, principle, and methodologies of DevOps. The curriculum is taught with a hands-on approach to give students the skills to implement DevOps processes throughout the software production process. Lessons cover continuous integration, automation, continuous monitoring, version control, and collaboration practices.

  • DevOps For Architects

The essential training option for solutions architects, this course teaches attendees to design, deploy, and use DevOps frameworks within a business. The curriculum covers cloud and virtualization, agile methods, build and release management, configuration management, monitoring, and version control. Graduates will leave with the knowledge of how to use common DevOps tools such as Ansible and Git, and how to use scripting to create automation.

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