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Why train in Cloud in Chicago?

Chicago isn’t exactly famous for its tech scene, in fact you’ve probably heard more about its architecture than the  innovation happening in the city—but that could soon be about to change. In a recent study by KPMG Chicago was named at number three on the list of innovation hubs in the US and grabbed the number 6 spot on the global list. Chicago even beat infamous tech cities such as Silicon Valley and San Francisco to make the number 3 position. Tech scenes in many cities are synonymous with an abundance of funding, rapid growth, and a risk-taking culture, but Chicago is different. The industry in Chicago is growing at a steady but consistent pace and isn’t based on the risky investments. In fact, Chicago is creating its own tech culture fueled by the can-do attitude of residents that creates innovation without the high risk attitude.

The Chicago tech scene isn’t just innovative it’s also diverse with the city now home to a wide range of both B2B and B2C businesses. Tech companies in the area cover a large number industries with Expedia, Motorola, Career Builder, GrubHub, Braintree, Groupon, and many other tech businesses now based in the city.

The success of Chicago’s tech scene can’t be attributed to just one thing, in fact many factors have combined to empower a culture of innovation and technology within the city. However, it is possible to identify a number of factors that have played key roles in helping drive tech industry growth in the area, these are a supportive environment, make-it-happen culture, and a strong group of venture capitalist firms based in the area. The supportive environment comes in the form of three large innovation centers: TechNexus, theMart, and 1871. The tech hubs help drive the growth of tech jobs in the city and push companies to continue to innovate, especially in rapidly evolving areas such as Cloud computing.

Chicago has not managed to avoid the tech talent shortage that businesses in other cities are struggling with, especially for vital IT roles such as Cloud trained IT staff. Recruitment is particularly tough in Chicago with the number of businesses relocating to the city growing annually. Innovative businesses are solving their staffing issues by choosing to train their existing team to take on Cloud roles. This not only allows them to switch to Cloud services, which are flexible, cost-efficient, and scalable, it is also an investment in their team and the long-term success of their business.

What is Cloud Computing?

Traditionally computing services were hosted on in house servers and provided through the local network, which meant that if the infrastructure failed the entire system could fail. Cloud computing’s IT services are provided through the internet, which reduces the need for on premise infrastructure. Many people are often wary about the reliability of internet-based services but Cloud solutions use the combined power of many sources, which makes them not only extremely reliable but also very fast. With the majority of a company’s IT needs now available as a Cloud service many businesses are making the switch to the Cloud as it allows them to significantly reduce the amount they spend on IT maintenance. However, cost isn’t the only driving force behind the transition to the Cloud. One of the most appealing factors is that Cloud services are constantly updated, which means businesses always have access to the latest technology. Another huge draw for businesses is the scalability of Cloud solutions, which gives a flexible IT solution that can grow with a business. Many company leaders are quickly realizing that switching to the Cloud provides a smart alternative to replacing in house systems that are reaching the end of their lifespan such as networks, servers, and storage facilities.

Should you train your team in Cloud?

Cloud computing can have a huge impact on how businesses choose and utilize IT solutions. Cloud based services are continuously evolving, which lets a business invest in the most up to date technology. If you’re on the fence about whether to train your team to transition your business to the Cloud you should ask yourself this question: are you looking for a scalable, reliable, and state of the art computing solution that’s available 24 hours a day? If the answer is yes then you should invest in cloud services. One of the most incredible things about the cloud is that your business will always have access to the newest services and won’t be reliant on outdated in house systems. Put simply, with the Cloud you no longer need to continuously invest in on premise systems to give your team access to the best technology.

To get the most out of Cloud services you’ll need a team who are trained to manage both the transition to Cloud solutions and provide ongoing IT management. An easy solution to this issue is to train your current team instead of recruiting for new employees. This allows you to keep the talent who are most knowledgeable about your business and adopt Cloud computing practices. Training your existing team will be especially beneficial in Chicago where the competitive hiring market can make it extremely difficult and expensive to recruit Cloud computing specialists.

Cloud classes in Chicago from Web Age Solutions

We offer a large selection of Cloud classes in Chicago that are designed to give students the knowledge needed to manage Cloud IT solutions within an enterprise level business. Our courses cover the latest developments in Cloud computing to ensure each student receives a cutting-edge education. As one of the leading IT training organizations in the US and Canada we understand that businesses don’t just want highly trained employees, they want team members who can confidently implement Cloud solutions. That’s why we’ve created courses that combine lectures with hands on labs to help students gain a practical understanding of the topics being taught.

Our Cloud training in Chicago covers many topics from basic classes like cloud fundamentals to advanced classes such as infrastructure solutions for architects. We also offer vendor specific training for AWS, Azure, OpenStack, and many others. Classes are offered in three ways: as traditional in person classroom courses, via video, or through online training. Browse through the Cloud courses listed below to find the right Cloud course in Chicago for your team!

Some of our most popular Cloud Classes in Chicago include:

  • AWS for Solution Architects

This is the perfect course for solutions architects who want to work with the AWS platform. The AWS for Solutions Architects course is aimed at enterprise architects, solution architects, technical managers, and developers. The in-depth curriculum provides students with a wide range of knowledge including lab environment cleanup and working with the AWS console. Training will include both instructors led classes and hands-on labs to help students understand how to use their new knowledge within an organization.

  • OpenStack Essentials Training

OpenStack Essentials Training gives students a comprehensive knowledge of Cloud computing, the OpenStack ecosystem, and OpenStack business values. This course is designed for IT team members such as administrators and deployment engineers. The training spans 3-days and graduates will leave understanding how to deploy and manage an OpenStack environment.

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

This fundamentals course provides attendees with the foundational knowledge needed to create and use SQL databases, virtual machines, and web apps using the Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Cloud Computing Course Listings

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As one of the leading IT training providers in the US our courses are used and recommended by many fortune 500 companies. We’ve used our many years of experience providing training to enterprise level businesses to create IT courses that empower graduates to utilize their new knowledge within an organization. Our range of courses cover many areas of Cloud computing so your team can get the training they need to transition your business to the Cloud. Choose from the courses listed above or call our team at (877) 517-6540 to discuss training options for cloud certification in Chicago.

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