TOGAF Training Courses with Web Age in Chicago are fully-accredited by The Open Group.

Web Age Solutions provides comprehensive TOGAF® Certification training in Chicago to enable students to prepare for the TOGAF®Certification Exam and achieve TOGAF® certification.

Our TOGAF Training and Certification courses in Chicago are ideal for anyone who wants to pass the TOGAF Foundation and Certified exams to become a fully qualified TOGAF 9.2 Practitioner.

The Top 10 Tips for Passing the TOGAF 9.2 Certification Exam.

Our TOGAF Training in Chicago Course Listings:

TOGAF® 9 Training Course, (Level 1) Foundation Training

Course ID: WA1814
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual
During the TOGAF® Training course students will become familiar with the TOGAF® standard, Version 9 Enterprise Edition body of knowledge.

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TOGAF® 9 Training Course, Certified (Level 1 and 2) Training

Course ID: WA1815
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual
In this 4 day TOGAF® training course, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to prepare for and become certified in TOGAF® Standard Version 9.
Whether you’re interested …

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TOGAF® Training: TOGAF® 9 (Level 2) Training

Course ID: WA1862
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual
The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®) is quickly becoming the default starting point for Enterprise Architecture (EA) work within enterprise organizations across the spectrum. …

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Web Age’s TOGAF training courses are designed not just to prepare students for the TOGAF enterprise architecture certification exams, but also to give students the practical tools for performing architectural work.


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    Proven Results in TOGAF® Training In Chicago:

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    Reviews from students who have completed our TOGAF Training:

    I had taken a TOGAF course about 10 years ago, and practiced architecture with a TOGAF framework for several years, but it has been 5-6 years in between, so this course was a great refresher.
    The instructor did a great job of presenting material that is heavily abstract and somewhat theoretical in a way that makes sense and is understandable. Will recommend this class to others in our organization.
    The instructor’s style of teaching is outstanding. His energy keeps everyone engaged and he does a really good job of siting examples to help understand the topics. Additionally, the instructor frequently does check points to see if the pace and method for teaching need to be adjusted for the group.
    The instructor did a great job with the material, sprinkling in real life experiences to augment the course material
    The instructor was highly knowledgeable and presented well He shared lot of ref material for future use
    Material was fully covered, with additional explanation as appropriate. Good amount of time with sample test questions also provided a good basis for success with the upcoming cert exams.

    Should I Attend TOGAF Certification Training in Chicago?

    At Web Age, our TOGAF 9 Certification Training Courses are fully-accredited by The Open Group.

    Whether you’re looking for customized onsite TOGAF training for a private group in Chicago, or an instructor-led online TOGAF class, Web Age has the solution for you.

    TOGAF certification is recognized worldwide as a vital requirement for enterprise architects. Web Age Solution’s TOGAF 9.2 training is designed to meet the Open Group’s requirements and help you pass the exam in the first attempt. You’ll learn the process-oriented approach for architecture development and how to apply your knowledge to provide strategic context to IT projects.

    Web Age TOGAF® training courses will provide you with the knowledge required to make a real difference to your enterprise and gain confidence to attain the all-important globally recognized TOGAF® certified status.

    Our TOGAF CertificationTraining courses in Chicago are available in three ways, which are traditional classroom lessons, onsite or in our training facilities, and online classes.


    TOGAF Certification Training in Chicago!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is TOGAF Certification? Should I attend TOGAF certification training classes in Chicago?

    TOGAF, an Open Group standard, is a proven enterprise architecture methodology and framework used by the world’s leading organizations to improve business efficiency. The TOGAF architecture helps practitioners avoid being locked into proprietary methods, utilize resources more efficiently and effectively, and realize a greater return on investment. TOGAF is an industry-standard architecture framework that may be used freely by your organization to develop an information systems architecture. TOGAF is a high level approach to design.

    Like other IT management frameworks, TOGAF helps businesses align IT goals with overall business goals, while helping to organize cross-departmental IT efforts. TOGAF helps businesses define and organize requirements before a project starts, keeping the process moving quickly with few errors.

    TOGAF certified Enterprise Architects can experience elevated job prospects, career opportunities, and industry credibility, as a result of their enhanced certified knowledge. Our TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Certification courses allow candidates to understand and initiate information system projects that are repetitive and fit for purpose. Also, TOGAF training and certification allows individuals to converse using a common terminology-based language – reducing conflict and elevating productivity.

    The TOGAF 9 Certification consists of two exams which must be passed in order to become certified.

    The level one exam tests your basic knowledge of TOGAF and is heavily focused on ensuring you understand the TOGAF terminology and the basic purpose of the TOGAF components.

    The level two exam is much different from the level one exam. It has 8 multiple choice questions. Each question contains a scenario which is about a page in length followed by a question and the multiple choice answers.

    Upon passing both exams, you will have your TOGAF certification.

    Web Age Solutions knows there is more to enterprise architecture certification than passing an exam. The TOGAF Certification Training courses are also designed to:

    • Train new architects being brought into a TOGAF Enterprise Architecture capability.
    • Support organizations adopting TOGAF architecture, considering TOGAF adoption, or looking to integrate the TOGAF framework into their current Enterprise Architecture capability.
    • Enable organizations already using TOGAF to evaluate their own practices against the standard.

    Who Should Take Web Age TOGAF Training and Certification in Chicago?

    The TOGAF 9 training and certification is ideal for anyone looking to excel in an IT organization that values seamless information flow across and between enterprises. It is best suited for:

    • Enterprise Architecture Professionals
    • Business Architects
    • IT Architects
    • Individuals who require a deeper understanding of TOGAF 9

    Are these courses accredited?

    Yes! Web Age Solutions is an approved trainer of TOGAF by the Open Group.

    What are the key benefits of TOGAF 9 certification?

    TOGAF® certified Enterprise Architects can experience elevated job prospects, career opportunities, and industry credibility, as a result of their enhanced certified knowledge. Other benefits are that TOGAF® courses allow candidates to understand and initiate information system projects that are repetitive and fit for purpose. Also, TOGAF® training allows individuals to converse using a common terminology-based language – reducing conflict and elevating productivity.

    Get started today with Web Age Solutions TOGAF Certification Training in Chicago.

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    You can browse through all of our available courses, view class outlines, and check availability on our website.

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