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If your business is weighed down by Big Data Web Age Solutions has the IT training your team needs to collect, manage, and analyze the information gathered every day!

Why is Big Data training in Chicago important?

When you think about Chicago you probably picture the architecture, the Cubs finally winning the World Series again, or even the wind that’s given the city its nickname. Chicago is renowned for many things but up until now its innovative tech scene hasn’t been one of them. However, if the study by KPMG is anything to go by Chicago could soon be up there with other famous tech hubs such as San Francisco or Austin. KPMG’s Global Innovation Report ranked cities throughout the world for the level of tech innovation happening within the area and Chicago claimed the number 6 spot globally. The city was also ranked as the third most innovative area in the US with only Washington and New York coming in highe.

While tech scenes are often synonymous with using risky behavior and an abundance of funding to create rapid growth, Chicago is different. While its tech industry may not be experiencing the same levels of growth as infamous tech hubs like San Francisco or Silicon Valley it is growing. Powered by the can-do and considered attitude of its workers the tech industry in Chicago is unique in that it’s developing without the adoption of a risk-taking environment. This make-it-happen culture is one of the driving forces behind the growth of innovation in the area but there are many other factors that have also contributed. One of the major influences are the innovation hubs based in the area—1871, TechNexus, and theMart—which provide a supportive environment for tech businesses to learn and grow. Chicago’s tech scene is also home to a diverse range of businesses including Groupon, Career Builder, Motorola, Expedia, Braintree and many others in both the B2B and B2C spaces. The growing culture of innovation is driving many businesses to adopt cutting edge technology solutions especially in Big Data. The growing need for Big Data experts is making the competition for key talent extremely high, especially with many businesses choosing to relocate to the area. To solve this issue businesses are instead choosing to train their existing teams to optimize the collection, management, and analysis of Big Data to ensure that their business is getting the most out of this asset.

What is Big Data?

Businesses have been collecting data for many years, whether it was information on their customers, the amount of sales they made each day, or what materials were used during production. This amount of information, while large, could easily be handled by existing systems. Fast forward to today, where billions of data points are generated every second from connected devices, and suddenly the once adequate systems are now overwhelmed by the variety, volume, and velocity of the data being produced. When data reaches the level where traditional IT systems cannot handle the information effectively it becomes known as Big Data. With so many parts of businesses now connected to IT systems and the growing number of IoT connected devices that relay information on a continuous basis, organizations now have the opportunity to collect detailed information on buying patterns, efficiency, product usage, production schedules, and anything else they can possibly think of! This vast amount of data is potentially the most valuable asset a business owns, but only if it has a team in place who are skilled at collecting, managing, and analyzing the information to gain relevant insights into the business.

Should you train your team in Big Data?

Big Data isn’t just a passing phase, in fact it’s likely that the data you’ll have access to will grow each year. What does this mean for your business? It means that the question shouldn’t be do I need to train my team in Big Data, it should be how quickly can I get my team trained. Big Data is more than just information about your business’ functions or consumer’s shopping habits. It’s the ultimate resource to help your business make data backed decisions that improve the efficiency of your organization and help drive the company towards its goals.

Many businesses find Big Data more of a hindrance than an asset and it’s often seen as a resource hog. Storing Big Data can be costly, especially if you don’t have the IT talent with the skillset needed to manage, collect, and analyze the information. The key thing to consider when choosing whether to train your team in Big Data is whether you can afford to miss out on the insights data can provide. With the right training your team will be able to use your company’s Big data to identify cost-saving opportunities, reduce manufacturing delays, minimize waste, and pinpoint upselling and cross-selling chances. Put simply, training turns your data from a burden to an opportunity and empowers your team to make evidence based decisions that will impact the future success of your business. Worried about the cost of training? Don’t be, the benefits of using Big Data to its full potential will quickly outweigh the investment in training.

Big Data classes in Chicago from Web Age Solutions

At Web Age Solutions we understand that simply training your team in Big Data theories isn’t enough, your team needs to be able to implement that knowledge in a business environment. The theory of using Big Data is just the beginning, to get the most value out of the available information you need to be able to collect, manage, and analyze Big Data in a systematic and efficient way. To help businesses solve their Big Data talent shortages we’ve created a selection of courses that cover a wide range of relevant topics. Our courses aren’t just tailored for tech industry employees, in fact our training is designed to help employees at all types of businesses—whether they’re in healthcare, sales, education, manufacturing, or any other industry—fully utilize an organization’s Big Data!

Our courses are offered in three ways: via video training, through online classes, or as traditional in person lessons. Using these three methods allows us to ensure that your team has access to the right training when they need it. Each course has a unique curriculum that covers specific areas of Big Data and many of our options are designed to meet the needs of specific team members such as architects so we can focus their education on the most relevant topics. Find Big Data classes in Chicago by browsing through our class listing below!

Some of our most popular Big Data courses in Chicago include:

  • Big Data and Analytics for Business Users

Targeted at business users, this course gives students a vital introduction to using Big Data and data analytics in a business environment.

The curriculum includes coverage of how organizations can effectively manage the volume, variety, value, and velocity of Big Data produced by their business. As the first rung step of Big Data training in Chicago graduates will leave understanding the processes and assets needed to manage Big Data efficiently.

  • Big Data Management Solutions for Architects

When Big Data becomes a burden on an organization it’s time to change the way your organization manages that data. This course provides solutions architects with the right training to take control of an organization’s management solutions. Training includes use of NoSQL systems and cloud solutions.

Chicago Big Data Course Listings

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Web Age Solutions understands that IT training isn’t simply about giving students knowledge of key principles and methodologies, it’s also about providing students with the training to implement that knowledge within a business environment. All of our Big Data courses in Chicago are designed to provide students with an education that’s both practical and cutting edge. Whether you’d like training for your whole team or courses for specific team members we have the Big Data classes in Chicago to meet those needs. Use our online catalog to find the right course or if you’d like to discuss Big Data certification in Chicago please call our team at (877) 517-6540.

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