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Why train in Architecture in Chicago?

Chicago is famous for many things, most notably it’s architecture, wind, and the Cubs finally winning the World Series again. One thing not often associated with Chicago is an innovative tech industry, after all the huge tech scenes of Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and New York are normally stealing the limelight. However, that could soon be about to change if the report from KPMG is any indicator of the city’s growing reputation. The recent study explored innovation happening throughout the world and ranked cities based on how innovative their tech industries are. Chicago beat out the major tech hubs in the US to grab the number three spot, coming in behind only New York and Washington. The Windy City even managed to secure the sixth spot globally.

So why has Chicago’s burgeoning tech scene managed to hide under the radar for so long? Perhaps it’s because it doesn’t fit the usual profile of a “tech scene” where risk taking, rapid growth, and an abundance of capital are the norm. Chicago and its tech talent are different, the tech scene is seeing growth and innovation not through risky decisions but through a considered approach combined with a can-do culture.

There are a number of key factors that have helped drive innovation within Chicago including a large pool of tech talent, a solid group of venture capitalists, a make-it-work attitude, and a supportive environment. The city’s three innovation hubs—1870, TechNexus, and theMart—help power growth by providing space for businesses to learn and develop. This solid foundation not only drives startups to innovate it also encourages established businesses to move towards more innovative practices, especially when it comes to creating their business architecture.

The city’s tech industry is as diverse as it is innovative with many types of B2B and B2C businesses based in the area including Motorola, Expedia, Basecamp, Groupon, and GrubHub. This growing industry hasn’t escaped the talent shortage experienced in many other areas of the country and the increasing number of corporate relocations to the area is adding pressure to an already highly competitive recruitment market. Competition for talent to fill key roles is especially tough, to solve this problem organizations are choosing to train their existing team to take on these roles. This not only solves their recruitment problems but also empowers employees with knowledge of the business to create changes to the existing architecture.

What is Architecture?

A business architecture provides the framework of an organization, it’s there to guide all business activities to ensure that the organization is moving towards its long-term goals. The architecture supports all business activity and provides the backbone to align all activities.

Highly trained architects will take an overarching approach when designing the business architecture. Viewing the business as a whole allows an architecture to be built that is focused on guiding each part of the organization towards the business’ long-term goals. This will need an architecture team who can create one cohesive unit from four key parts: information architecture, infrastructure technology architecture, business architecture, and application system architecture. Creating this cohesion will allow your IT environment to be not just efficient but also something that the whole organization can rely on.

Web Age Solutions offers training in all of the key frameworks including The Open Group, TRAK, Ministry of Defense Architecture Framework (MODAF) , Architecture Framework (TOGAF®), Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), and Zachman.

Should you train your team in Architecture?

For many business leaders it can difficult to justify the expense of training their team in architecture methodology. After all the results of that training may not be obvious to a business for some time. However, when it comes to a business’ architecture the question isn’t whether you’ll need it, it’s when will you need it. The architecture is a vital part of your organization that impacts every part of the business. Training your team in the latest and most advanced architecture methodology and techniques is an investment in the long-term success of your business and an investment that will be repaid many times over.

Developing a strong business architecture provides the foundation needed to make sure all aspects of your business are aligned and driving towards your organization’s goals. It provides the compass you need to put your business back on track if the market changes or your team loses focus. If you’re confident in your existing business architecture you’re probably wondering whether you need to invest in additional training and this is a valid question. Architecture methodologies continue to advance and develop, training your team in these methods provides them with the cutting-edge knowledge needed to handle the most volatile market changes. It helps ensure that your business will be successful even in the most difficult circumstances as your organization will be ready and able to adapt whenever it needs to. Your team will help your business identify problems, find solutions, and make the necessary changes to reduce waste, focus spending, and drive the business forward.

Architecture classes in Chicago from Web Age Solutions

Web Age Solutions is a leading provider of Architecture classes in Chicago. We have been providing IT training to enterprise level organizations in the US and Canada for over 20 years and understand how to empower students to implement their new skills within an organization.

All of our architecture courses are designed to give students the most up-to-date education on enterprise architecture solutions. Graduates will leave the courses with a clear understanding of the latest principles, best practices and methodologies. Classes are based around training students to define, implement, and manage architecture solutions within a real-world setting.

Our architecture courses in Chicago are available in three teaching formats: video classes, online training, or in person. These flexible learning options ensure that training can fit into even the busiest schedules. Each course offers a unique curriculum with options available for students of all experience levels. Subjects include management solutions, architecture methodology, and other key areas of study.

We offer architecture training in Chicago in all six main areas of architecture: domain deep dives, general architecture, Sparx enterprise architect training, Togaf® training, enterprise architecture, and solution and software architect training.

Some of our most popular Architecture Classes in Chicago include:

  • Fundamentals of Architecture Thinking Training

This course covers a comprehensive syllabus that introduces students to architecture thinking. The course is taught through a combination of lectures and group discussions to ensure that students develop a thorough understanding of the subjects covered. This is the perfect training option for technical architects, enterprise architects, and solutions architects who want to learn about patterns, techniques, stakeholders, non-functional requirements, quality attributes, and views and viewpoints.

  • EA Getting Started

Our getting started course is targeted at line managers, architects, and senior managers who need training in enterprise architecture. The syllabus is designed to teach key personnel within a business how enterprise architecture takes a big picture approach. The course covers frameworks, governance, and methods of approach and gives students knowledge of the assets needed to create a strong enterprise architecture.

  • Solution Architecture Practitioner’s Guide Training

This course is the perfect solution to train team members in solutions architecture techniques. The course covers concepts, tactics, styles, views deliverables, tools, and requirements through a combination of lessons and group discussions. All architecture team members will benefit from this training option.

Chicago Architecture Course Listings

General Architecture Training

Enterprise Architecture Training

Togaf® Training

Solution And Software Architecture Training

Domain Deep Dives

Sparx Enterprise Architect Training

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