Fortune 500 Insurance Company Sees Learning Gain of 68% by Upskilling with Web Age Solutions

We created a custom bootcamp to upskill their SQL developers to perform data analytics in the cloud while minimizing their time away from work.

    The Numbers

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      learning gain
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      20 year

      client relationship
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      Fortune 500

      insurance company

    The Organization

    Web Age Solutions has been the training and upskilling partner for our client, a Fortune 500 insurance company, for 20 years. With a great working relationship, we have helped them meet their needs around application development and data processing training programs.


    The Challenge

    Our client, a leader in the insurance industry, was looking to upskill their SQL programmers so they could perform cloud-based analytics in AWS. It was important for their employees to know serverless processing as well as automation of their analytics operations.

    However, there were no off-the-shelf upskilling programs available for this particular need. Any available AWS courses only covered a subset of this knowledge, so the client needed to create a custom solution.

    The Solution

    One of our client’s priorities was to minimize their team’s time away from work during the course of the upskilling. To develop their material and meet their needs, we used off-the-shelf courses and customized them to optimize the material and schedule – the courses cover exactly what the employees need to know to without any repetitive or ancillary material.

    We delivered the training in half-day chunks so that the employees could continue to work on their projects for the remainder of the day, minimizing any loss in productivity – which is of critical importance in the fast-paced insurance industry,

    The Results

    This upskilling jumpstarted our client’s bid data analytics program by training over 50 developers. They saw a learning gain of 68% with this material.

    The client is now working with Web Age Solutions to convert this training to a multi-modal format: the e-learning content works with our instructor-led training so that the learners can do some of the work on their own time, providing more flexibility and freedom.

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