Big Five Bank in Canada Wins Award of Excellence for Custom Training Program with Web Age Solutions

Through custom course creation and delivery, we have trained employees at the bank to help support the organization’s critical initiative

    The Numbers

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      employees trained.
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      Award of Excellence

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      8+ year

      client relationship
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      Big Five bank

      in Canada

    The Organization

    Our client is one of the Big Five banks in Canada. Web Age Solutions continues to work closely with them since almost a decade as their training and upskilling partner. The client’s primary needs are in application development, data analytics, and the cloud space. Over the course of our relationship, we have delivered over 300 courses to over 4,000 employees.


    The Challenge

    Having designed a new Application Programming interface to integrate their environment with their fintech partner, our financial services client needed to train their application developers in this new API. As one of the Big Five banks in Canada, the client had several competing priorities and did not have the ability to create the training in-house.

    A key challenge was that they were working with a moving target. Due to tight deadlines, the training needed to be developed while the API was still stabilizing.

    The Solution

    As leaders in developing custom training and upskilling solutions, we worked closely with the client subject matter expert to understand the design of the API. We then wrote the custom training material and labs to transfer this knowledge to their application developers.

    Throughout the entire process we incorporated client feedback into the training to ensure we were keeping up with the product’s moving target and taking into account the specific needs of the financial services industry.

    The Results

    As part of this custom course creation and delivery, Web Age Solutions trained 500 employees on both the Node and Java versions of the API. The training was so well received and highly effective that the client’s Web API Java Framework Program won the 2017 Award of Excellence from a national organization dedicated to learning and education.

    To date, the client has now trained a critical number of developers to support the API integration with their fintech partners. With the knowledge and hands-on learning they have received, their team will continue to develop and maintain this API.

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