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Calgary is the fourth-largest municipality in all of Canada. Sure, it isn’t surrounded by snow-capped mountains and deep blue sea like nearby Vancouver, but it still has a lot to offer for work and play. According to the Economist’s 2017 Global Liveability Report, Calgary is the fifth most liveable city in the world because of its economic stability, affordable healthcare and quality of education. With a population of nearly 1.4 million people, Calgary is home to Canada’s highest concentration of entrepreneurs and start-ups per capita and is home to a growing technology and innovation center.

Calgary is home to approximately 1 in 6 of Canada’s major corporate headquarters, including energy industry giants like Enbridge, Suncor Energy and Shell Canada. Thus most people think of Calgary as an oil and gas town, but it’s also a growing tech hub with one of the most competitive tech talent markets in Canada. Calgary is a great place for well-established businesses or tech start-ups because of its pool of well-educated candidates and vacant commercial space.

Web Age works directly with many Calgary IT employers to provide IT training such as Angular. Candidates who stay on top of the latest technologies like Angular used in many online software applications, will have the edge over those who are not certified. Web Age Angular classes are taught at locations throughout the Calgary area and other Alberta venues, delivered in traditional classroom style format. Online Angular Training is also available in a synchronous instructor led format.

What is Angular? Should I attend Calgary Angular classes?

As more and more companies shift their data and software applications to cloud-based solutions, Angular has seen major growth and adoption in Calgary in recent years. An opensource JavaScript framework, Angular is used to build familiar feature-rich single page applications such as Gmail. Angular has gained much popularity for CRUD applications (Create, Read, Update, Delete) due to its “model-view-controller” pattern which makes it easier for software developers to build and maintain applications.

Angular was developed by Google and is one of four components of the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express JS, AngularJS and Node.js). MEAN allows developers to use JavaScript as the sole programming language for both the front and back end of a website application using the shortest possible code and easily implement client-side validation. Paired with AJAX, rich internet applications built using Angular have fast application performance too.

Each Web Age Angular course presented in Calgary is developed in-house and capture development best practices gathered from real projects. Our Calgary Angular classes are extremely hands on and every module is followed by a lab to teach you how to use AngularJS, Angular 2, Angular 4, Angular 5, Angular 6, or Angular 7.

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