Portlet URL Issues

August 12, 2010

Recently, I had to port a few portlets from WebSphere Portal 6.1 to WebLogic Portal 10g. Things mostly went smoothly. Except for portlet and resource…

Notes About Portlet Events in JSR 286

August 5, 2010

JSR 286 allows portlets to fire events and consume events. An event is first fired from the processAction method. Portlet container notifies a consumer portlet…

Live from The Open Group Boston 2014

July 23, 2010

This year, we had a booth in the Open Group Boston 2014 conference. The conference organizers explain the event as follows. The Open Group is…

HTML5 Strikes Again

July 8, 2010

Only weeks after releasing HTML5 enabled Gmail for iPad, Google has just launched a new mobile site for Youtube. This site takes advantage of HTML5….

Android 2.x Programming Course Announced

July 2, 2010

As promised in an earlier blog post, we have just announced our first Android programming class. WA1921 Enterprise Android Application Development From the web page…

JSONObject No Longer Breaks Encapsulation

July 1, 2010

JSON is a string representation of a JavaScript object.  It’s been around since the dawn of JavaScript, but only recently gained popularity due to Ajax. …

Having Fun With jQuery UI

July 1, 2010

jQuery UI provides a rich user interface library. It builds on the core jQuery framework. So, you know that development will be quick and productive….

Protocol Buffer Anyone?

July 1, 2010

We often discuss XML and JSON as the data formats for client server computing over the web. Another format – Protocol Buffer (protobuf) – is…

Getting Started With Android 2.2

June 29, 2010

I have often found that Google’s quick start guide for Android development lacks crucial details. Finally, I decided to do something about it. This tutorial…

Mobile Computing Stream Launched

June 28, 2010

At Web Age Solutions, we have discussed offering a curriculum on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and Android OS for a long time. Our training has been always…