A Simple jQuery Image Rotater

Recently I was looking to add a collection of rotating images to my website, so I searched for an image rotater using jQuery. I found a number of very sophisticated libraries designed to rotate images, create slideshows and display fancy transitions. Any one of these would have met my needs. What I did not find was a simple bare-bonesjQuery example that I could use on my web site and enhance as I saw fit. So, I decided to build one form scratch. This example is simple enough that anyone with any jQuery experience at all can understand it. Hopefully, the explanation is clear enough that anyone can incorporate it into their own web site or use it as a starting point to learn jQuery.

Because this this blog is built on a framework that already uses jQuery, the image rotater can’t be directly embedded in this post. You can access an example by clicking on the image or at http://www.dchung.com/test/rotate.

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