WebSphere Liberty Profile Webinar – Wednesday, May 28, 2PM Eastern

May 8, 2014

Although WebSphere Application Server is one of the most robust Java Enterprise Application Servers for deployment of mission critical applications, it is not always that…

Time for Spring …. 4!

March 20, 2014

On the first day of Spring 2014 (even though some of you may feel winter will never end) I think it is a good time…

Testing Cordova Hybrid Apps in Worklight

August 29, 2013

Recently I worked on a project that introduced me to IBM® Worklight® mobile application platform. Among other things, I was pleasantly surprised at the price…

Java EE 8 and beyond

August 25, 2013

Every new release of the Java EE platform makes it incrementally better by adding new features or simplifying its interfaces which was also the main…

Create Better Web Applications With Java EE 6 Training

August 23, 2013

At Web Age Solutions, we have the challenging task of not only keeping up with technology specifications but whether clients are actually using those technologies. …

Accessing EJBs from Java SE Using WebSphere’s Embeddable EJB Container

June 23, 2013

Introduction In this blog, we’ll explore how to employ the Embeddable EJB Container inside a Java SE application using WebSphere Application Server 8.x. Embeddable EJB…

WebSphere 9 Coming Soon?

April 10, 2013

UPDATE:  As it turns out my guess that there would be an “intermediate” release was correct.  WebSphere 8.5.5 was released recently which mostly has updates…

The Performance Evil that is JSF dataTable

August 15, 2012

In JSF 1.x, dataTable was bizarrely inadequate and unnecessarily complicated. Things have become much easier in JSF 2.0 and it’s a pleasure to work with….

First Java EE 6 Web Service Class Released

July 25, 2012

We have just released our first web service class as part of our Java EE 6 courses: WA2087 Programming Java SOAP and REST Web Services…

Eclipse Juno is Here!

June 28, 2012

What does the end of June and Java development have in common?  Looking forward to the yearly coordinated release of all the latest Eclipse updates. …