New Course on Changes in Java EE 6 and WebSphere 8.0 Posted

I’ve posted a new course which covers some of the changes in Java EE 6 and WebSphere 8.0.  WA2084 What's New in WebSphere 8.0 and Java EE 6 will be a one day lecture-only class covering the following:

  • Changes in Java EE 6
  • Changes in JSF 2.0
  • Overview of Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI)
  • What's New in WebSphere Application Server 8.0
  • WebSphere installation with Installation Manager
  • WebSphere 8.0 HPEL logging

The idea is to cover an overview of all of the changes introduced in Java EE 6 and WebSphere 8.0 followed by more detail on some of the major areas of change.

I think this class will be a good overview for clients to quickly know what changes exist and how they may impact their own projects and WebSphere environments.  This class might be great to take early in the migration process with perhaps more detailed training, like our WebSphere Application Server 8.0 Administration and WebSphere Application Server 8.0 Programming courses to come later.

If you have any question about this or any other training class please contact us and we would be happy to help!

Stuart Smith June 12, 2012

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