Advanced WebSphere 7.0 Administration Course Announced

At Web Age we have been seeing an increasing interest in using the improvements of the Java EE 5 specification in applications developed with RAD 7.5 and deployed to WebSphere Application Server 7.0.  This means that there are also those out there that are in need of learning about administration of the WebSphere 7.0 environment as well.

Although we have had our “core” WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Administration courses on Windows and Linux available for some time these courses do not always best serve those that are already familiar with WebSphere.  Those familiar with WebSphere are often looking for something that goes beyond the “basics” and delves into advanced topics and also focuses on the new features of the latest version.

To support this need we have recently posted an update of our advanced administration course for WebSphere 7.0.

WA1849 Advanced WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Administration

This class is suggested for any clients that have taken the “regular” WebSphere 7.0 admin class or all clients that have prior WebSphere v6.x experience.  Some of the differences between v6.x and v7.0 do not really impact the “regular” class much so one of the goals of the advanced class is to focus on many of the things that are different in 7.0 but also require some level of WebSphere knowledge.

This advanced class covers more on troubleshooting, performance, and scripting which have been of interest to many clients in addition to the advanced clustering topics also covered in the WebSphere 6.1 version of the class (WA1579).  The class also uses preconfigured Linux virtual machines with much of the basic software installed and configuration already performed so that the students in the class can focus on the advanced topics instead of the “basics” of installing WebSphere software.

As shown by our WebSphere 7.0 administrator course map, WA1849 is the preferred class for experienced WebSphere 6.x administrators.  WA1849 is also good as a follow-up to WA1700 (Windows) or WA1840 (Linux).

Stuart Smith October 14, 2010

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