Full Set of IBM Business Process Manager Classes Available

We have been releasing various courses on IBM Business Process Manager 8.5 lately and have several different options for those clients using this product.  The course that might apply depends a bit on the role someone is in so below are the options we have: Business Analysts: Programmers/Developers: Administrators: “Whole Team”:
  • WA2219 BPM Bootcamp with IBM Business Process Manager Advanced 8.5 - We also have a 5 day “bootcamp” class that is intended to show multiple roles the capabilities of the IBM Business Process Manager platform and how to most effectively leverage the many features.  This class combines the full 3 days of the process modeling course and then includes 2 days on the “programming” that would be most commonly used to support process applications.
For those wanting to learn more about how to leverage the features if the IBM BPM platform, it might also help to view the recorded webinar below.  Even though the webinar was originally given for 8.0 it still applies to 8.5 as well.   Webinar - Effective BPM with IBM Business Process Manager 8.0 So for those clients looking to use the many features of IBM Business Process Manager 8.5, let Web Age Solutions help you learn these capabilities!
Stuart Smith July 30, 2014

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