In this 4 hour team workshop, you’ll be:

Reinforced on AWS Concepts, Services, Frameworks

Supports our other AWS classes and strengthens knowledge with practical experience.

Motivated to Excel Through Gamification

Compete based on objectives, with points awarded based on success or failure.

Working Together as a Real World AWS Team

Student teams must collaborate and communicate in order to maximize scoring objectives.

Led by Instructors with Expert Domain Experience

Our instructors have all held the roles they teach (Architect, Developer, DevOps / SRE etc.)

For each session, teams will tackle two scenarios depending on the scenario type. Scenarios will have varying levels of difficulty and are typed by role:

Scenarios for
Infrastructure Roles



for Architect Roles



Scenarios for
Developer Roles




Relevant AWS services are included in
each scenario as well as relevant
frameworks like the Well-Architected
Framework for AWS.

Common Questions About the Class

What are the Prerequisites for this Class?

– Must have taken Architecting on AWS or certification as an AWS SA Associate.
– Must be familiar with pillars and tenets of the AWS Well-Architected
Framework (minus Sustainability Pillar)
– Must be comfortable with Cloudformation
– Familiar with git repositories and commit, push, branching, and cloning.

How long is the course and what is involved?

Four hours AWSims is an immersive ½ day gamified, group hack session that SIMULATES real-world AWS scenarios, reinforces key AWS concepts, and facilitates team building, all in a fun and collaborative learning environment.

What technologies and principles are covered?

Architects will have Design and Build scenarios, Infrastructure Roles will have Deploy and Maintain scenarios. Relevant AWS services are included in each scenario as well as relevant frameworks like the Well-Architected Framework for AWS.

How long does each scenario take?

Each scenario takes approximately 2 hours.

What is the ratio of coaches to students?

There is an instructor for every 16 students. They are broken into four teams of 4.

What are the principles covered in the communications and coaching piece?

Teams are coached toward the core principles of SRE collaboration and execution namely:

● Embracing Risk
● Eliminating Needless Work
● Raising Visibility and Observability
● Automation First
● Manage your Changes
● Seeking Simplicity
● Raising Awareness

Can I get more detail on the scenarios?

All scenarios are based on AWS infrastructure, AWS best practices, and cloud-native design principles with coaching for communication, team dynamics, and troubleshooting based on SRE and DevOps commonalities. Scenarios can be tailored to specific AWS technologies with custom add-ons like Jenkins or Terraform added upon request.

Gain Real World AWS
Team Experience

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