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JavaScript Training in Atlanta Can Get You Ahead!


Looking for JavaScript classes in Atlanta?

Unleash your coding power with JavaScript training in Atlanta from Web Age Solutions.

Why train in JavaScript in Atlanta?

Did you know that Atlanta is considered one of the leading tech hubs in the US? While it’s not yet quite as famous for its tech scene as New York or San Francisco, it’s quickly developing a reputation as a city with a thriving tech industry. In fact, Forbes placed Atlanta at number 3 on its list of up and coming tech meccas in the US. So what are the driving factors behind Atlanta’s rise to the top ranks of tech hubs? The success of the tech industry in Atlanta can’t be pinned on just one thing, it’s actually the result of a unique combination of a growing startup community, a pool of tech talent, and a large group of Angel Investors who are willing to fund tech businesses in the city. Innovative businesses calling Atlanta home is not a new phenomenon, in fact many large businesses have their roots in the area. This tradition of innovation is at the heart of the tech industry in the city, and continues in Atlanta’s Technology Square development. Tech Square is a 1.4 million square foot area in downtown Atlanta that is home to a variety of tech talent. The mixed use space houses students, startups, incubators, established businesses, and industry leaders, providing the perfect place for tech talent to learn and grow with each other. It also makes it a fantastic city for individuals looking to establish their career in the tech industry. Developers and engineers wanting to secure a job in this thriving tech hub will need to be highly trained in their chosen field. JavaScript is an essential skill for many roles in website, app, and game development, especially in the competitive Atlanta tech industry.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a coding language that’s used extensively in game, app, and website development. It’s one of three coding languages used to create websites, the other two being HTML and CSS. JavaScript is the coding powerhouse that creates the functionality behind interactive components on websites, apps, and games. For a webpage to display more than static data it needs a language such as JavaScript to create the functionality. Changing content that can’t be coded using HTML or CSS includes updates, animations, forms, maps, and graphics, as they rely on JavaScript to run. One of the key features of JavaScript is that it is a multi-paradigm language and supports functional, imperative, and object-oriented programming. Our JavaScript training in Atlanta covers leading frameworks including AngularJS, Node.js, and ReactJS.

Should you train your team in JavaScript?

With the evolving way users interact with websites, games, and apps, JavaScript training isn’t just desirable, it’s essential. Investing in your team’s training, especially when it comes to JavaScript, is an investment not just in individuals, but also in the business. If your organization needs to create any type of websites, apps, or games, then having developers and engineers who are up-to-date with JavaScript frameworks is vital in creating a high quality user experience. Why? Because JavaScript plays a leading role in creating exceptional user interactions with your user interface. Ongoing training ensures the team is using best practices throughout the planning and development process, and adopting these practices will improve efficiency and ensure that products are being built in the best way possible. The continuing development of JavaScript is another key reasons that you should invest in JS training for your team, as they’ll need to master any changes in evolving JavaScript technologies and popular frameworks. But being up to date with current technology isn’t the only reason to train your team, keeping your team’s JavaScript skills honed can ensure that all team members have the same foundational knowledge. This shared base will improve communication and empower the software development process to work more efficiently. Overall, teams that are trained in all areas of JavaScript create higher quality products, in shorter time periods, and perhaps most importantly they create products that provide the best possible user experience.

JavaScript classes in Atlanta from Web Age Solutions

If you’re looking for JavaScript classes in Atlanta Web Age Solutions can help! As one of the leading IT training providers in the US we have many years of experience creating and delivering JavaScript courses throughout the US. We offer a large selection of coding and JavaScript courses that can take individuals from novice to knowledgeable developer.

Our JavaScript and other language courses are available in three formats. Students can attend in-person classes, take an online course, or learn through video training. This variety of learning options ensures that classes can fit into your team’s busy schedule.

We offer courses tailored to difference experience levels with curriculums designed to give students a thorough understanding of the topic and the skills they need to implement their knowledge in a business environment. Training options range from introductions to JavaScript to comprehensive advanced JavaScript courses. We also provide training in the leading JavaScript frameworks.

Some of our most popular JavaScript Classes in Atlanta include:

  • Mastering jQuery Training

Web Age Solutions Mastering jQuery course is aimed at front-end web developers. The course gives students an in-depth knowledge of the jQuery JavaScript toolkit, which is not specific to a vendor platform. Students will cover jQuery basics, using selectors, manipulating page elements, event models, Ajax, animation, and plugins over a 2-day period. Students need a solid knowledge of JavaScript and DOM API to complete this training.

  • Introduction to Angular 4 Training

This hands on course gives students a thorough introduction to the Angular 4 framework. The course covers key components of using Angular such as creating and working with Angular forms, understanding how to write Angular code, creating single page web applications, using the Angular HTTP client to exchange data, and more. This is a three-day course aimed at developers who have experience with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The combination of lectures and lab exercises helps students have the confidence to utilize their Angular 4 knowledge.

  • Advanced JavaScript for Web 2.0 Training

This is one of our most advanced JavaScript classes. The objective of this course is to teach students the theoretical and technical aspects of Java based front-end development. The 3-day course covers topics such as JavaScript best practices, AngularJS, and, testing JavaScript programs. This course includes hands on labs that are a vital step in helping students reinforce the concepts learned throughout the lectures. Students will graduate knowing how to build JavaScript programs.


Atlanta JavaScript and Coding Course Listings

Enroll in a JavaScript course in Atlanta from Web Age Solutions today

Web Age Solutions has been providing IT training in the US and Canada for almost 20 years. Our JavaScript courses in Atlanta offer cutting edge training in all aspects of JavaScript development. We provide training solutions to enterprise level businesses that are designed to give students a deep understanding of the topic, and the confidence to put their new skills into action. You can select classes from the list of Atlanta JavaScript courses above or call our team at (877) 517-6540 to discuss your organizations training needs or Atlanta JavaScript certification options.



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