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If you’re looking to train your team in architecture solutions, we can help! Web Age Solutions provides a large range of industry leading architecture courses in Atlanta.

Why train in Architecture in Atlanta?

When you think of leading industries in Atlanta, it wouldn’t be surprising if tech doesn’t come to mind! That could soon be about to change, as Forbes recently placed Atlanta at number 3 on it’s list of growing US tech meccas. The growth of Atlanta as a tech hub isn’t just a fluke, it’s the result of a number of key factors that have combined to create a favorable growth environment. One of the biggest industry draws to the area is Atlanta’s Technology Square, which has created a home for tech students, growth labs, startups, industry leaders, and innovative businesses. This unique village within the city covers 1.4 million square feet and provides the perfect space for the tech community to learn and grow. In addition to cutting edge facilities, Atlanta is also the base for a strong startup community and a wide circle of Angel Investors willing to fund tech businesses in the area. However, none of this would be possible without the large pool of tech talent that calls Atlanta home! Individuals pursuing a career in tech in Atlanta will need to compete with some of the most talented tech workers in the US if they want to secure a job at an innovative business—and Atlanta isn’t short of businesses that welcome innovation. In fact, many of the businesses named on Georgia’s Top 40 Most Innovative Businesses list are based in Atlanta, including PinDrop and Smart Commerce. Advanced training in architecture solutions can open doors to many opportunities in Atlanta, and the need for talented architects will continue to grow as businesses develop and new technology emerges.

What is Architecture?

Architecture is the foundational framework for your business. Not only does the architecture facilitate all current business activity, it also aligns the structure with the business strategy. Architects look at the business architecture as a whole, and provide the methodology needed to design, plan, analyze, and implement an architecture that enables the business to operate successfully. A cohesive architecture is an essential part of building an IT environment that’s capable of fully supporting the needs of the business. The architecture must provide the framework for four key areas: application system architecture, infrastructure technology architecture, business architecture, and information architecture. We offer architecture courses in the following leading framework methodologies: Zachman, The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®), Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), TRAK, and Ministry of Defense Architecture Framework (MODAF).

Should you train your team in Architecture?

Investing in your business’ architecture isn’t just a smart decision, it’s an essential step if you want to build a successful company. Business architecture isn’t simply a framework, it’s the foundation that you can count on to keep your business on track. However, as a business leader it’s natural to question whether the cost of spending money on training your team in architecture will adequately be recouped by the benefits the training will bring to the organization. When it comes to business architecture, the answer is yes. We’ve already discussed the essential role that an architectural framework plays in an organization, but there are many other benefits that your business will be able to take advantage of in the future. Perhaps the most important of these benefits is that it makes your business more adaptable. Markets and industries are constantly evolving, so even the most focused business may need to change its path in response to outside influences. With the clear goals provided by the architecture you’ll be able to handle these changes by identifying new paths towards these targets quickly and efficiently. Your architecture ensures that you’re ready to respond when you need to! Your trained team will be able to use their skills to enable your business to make ongoing improvements by creating business goals, identifying paths to reach these targets, and implementing the necessary changes. A highly skilled architect can improve efficiency and ensure any business spending drives the organization towards their long-term goals.

Architecture classes in Atlanta from Web Age Solutions

Web Age Solutions has been providing training courses to enterprise level businesses in the US and Canada for almost 20 years. We’re committed to providing students with a cutting edge education that prepares them to implement their knowledge in real life settings. To do this we’ve developed a range of Architecture classes in Atlanta that cover all aspects of business architecture. Students can complete our courses in one of three ways: through video classes, via online courses, or by attending in-person training sessions.

We offer a range of courses that cover architecture methodology, management, solutions, and a variety of other subjects. Courses are targeted at people with different levels of experience and knowledge, so whether you’re new to architecture or already have experience there are suitable course options available.

The Atlanta architecture classes are split into six main areas, which are general architecture, enterprise architecture, Togaf® training, solution and software architecture training, domain deep dives, and Sparx enterprise architect training. Each course offers a unique curriculum designed to help students have the skills they need to implement their new knowledge in a business environment.

Some of our most popular Architecture Classes in Atlanta include:

  • Fundamentals of Architecture Thinking Training

This course provides in depth training in key architectural concepts and is suitable for all types of architects, including technical, enterprise, and solution architects. The course includes coverage of views and viewpoints, tactics, patterns, techniques, non-functional requirements, stakeholders, and quality attributes. The training is taught through a combination of lectures and group discussions.

  • EA Getting Started

This course is designed for line managers, senior managers, and executives. The training will introduce enterprise architecture and teach students about different methods of approach, frameworks, and governance. Business leaders will leave with a clear understanding of the value enterprise architecture can bring to their business and the steps needed to implement EA in their organization.

  • Solution Architecture Practitioner’s Guide Training

The practitioner’s guide course is targeted at team members working in solutions architecture activities. The training provides students with a thorough understanding of solutions architecture, including basic concepts, styles, techniques, tactics, tools, views, deliverables, and requirements. Lessons are broken down into lectures and group discussions that help students fully explore the concepts being discussed. Graduates will leave with a clear understanding of architecture activities.

Atlanta Architecture Course Listings

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Web Age Solutions offers a huge range of architecture courses in Atlanta. As one of the leading providers of IT training courses in the US we have many years of experience creating practical courses that prepare students to implement their knowledge in a business environment. In fact, our courses are recommended by many fortune 500 companies. Our architecture training in Atlanta options can be viewed online, if you’d like to discuss any of these choices or discuss options for personalized architecture certification in Atlanta call our team at (877) 517-6540 today.

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