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Why train in DevOps in Atlanta?

Atlanta, named one of the top 5 up and coming tech meccas in the US by Forbes, has one of the fastest growing tech industries in the country with the number of available jobs growing by almost 50 percent every year since 2010. The city of Atlanta is playing an active part in helping the tech industry maintain it’s growth in the area by offering tax breaks to investors who contribute to the development of Technology Square.  With opportunities developing at a rapid rate, it’s essential that you stay ahead of the game when it comes to tech training. Georgia Tech’s Technology Square is a mixed-use complex that brings together established firms, startups, incubators, major corporations, and students to help drive technology innovation and development forward in Atlanta and the rest of Georgia. Covering 8 blocks of Midtown Atlanta, Technology Square is a hub for outstanding tech talent attracting industry leaders from throughout the world.  In fact, Atlanta is home to many of the most innovative companies named by Georgia’s 2017 Tech Summit including Bluefin Payment Systems, Elavon, Gimme Vending, IDology, and Rigor. For individuals pursuing a career in DevOps, starting your training in Atlanta will set you up to take advantage of the growing job market in the city.  For teams working in Atlanta, DevOps training will bring an innovative approach to your software development process.

What is DevOps?

DevOps stands for Development and Operations. DevOps roles provide a key link between software developers and operations. DevOps is designed to help provide a lean, adaptable, and fast approach to optimize the delivery of software solutions. The continuous delivery method that’s enabled by a DevOps approach helps reduce delivery times, minimize issues, and optimize use of resources.

Automation and monitoring of the entire software development process are key features of a DevOps run business. This system aims to create shorter development cycles, which in turn increases deployment frequency and improves reliability.

Should you train your team in DevOps?

Adopting a DevOps approach can bring many benefits to your business from improved productivity to a reduction in software issues. It also strengthens the link between software developers, system operators, and any other IT staff, which improves transparency, increases efficiency, and reduces waste.

The growing tech industry and plethora of talent in Atlanta provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to adopt DevOps methods. However, companies often find that DevOps positions are one of the most difficult organizational roles to fill as there is limited availability and high demand for engineers that have the right skillset to successfully take on a DevOps role. Training your existing team is an investment not just in an individual but in your business as a whole. It can reduce the need to hire externally, and lets you invest in your existing talent. It also enables you to train the whole team in DevOps processes, ensuring that your entire engineering team understands the how, when, and why of DevOps methods to ensure that your business sees the maximum benefits of DevOps and undergoes a smooth implementation of the new processes. We also offer advanced classes for teams already using DevOps.

DevOps classes in Atlanta from Web Age Solutions

Web Age Solutions offers a wide range of DevOps classes in Atlanta to help you train your team in all aspects of DevOps methodology. Our courses are designed to remove the barriers between software development and operations by teaching students about the theory and processes behind DevOps and the tools available to empower the DevOps environment.

Our DevOps training in Atlanta is targeted at key players in DevOps teams including engineers, managers of agile teams who operate a continuous deployment operation, and the operations team who maintain the DevOps environment and associated tools.

In addition to general methodology training we also offer DevOps training that focuses on DevOps tool utilization including Ansible, Docker, Git, Maven, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Jenkins, and many others.

To make our training courses easily accessible we offer three learning options: live online courses, online video training, and in person classroom courses.

Some of our most popular DevOps courses in Atlanta include:

  • DevOps Fundamentals

DevOps Fundamentals covers the basics of DevOps methodology including core concepts and principles. Students will gain a thorough understanding of what DevOps is and the benefits it can bring to both the software development team and an organization’s whole IT department. Students will also get the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with DevOps tools.

  • DevOps For Leaders Training

DevOps For Leaders is the ultimate course to train leaders on the methodology of managing a DevOps team and transitioning their business to a DevOps environment. The two-day workshop will give you practical advice and real life examples of how to create and implement a DevOps roadmap with steps covering 30, 60, and 90 days. You’ll learn about the people, processes, tools, and culture choices that are suitable for DevOps environments and understand how to select the best options for your business. You’ll leave this course with the knowledge needed to confidently manage a DevOps implementation.

  • DevOps Bootcamp

The DevOps Bootcamp course trains students on the principles and values of DevOps methodology and gives them hands-on experience implementing DevOps practices throughout the entire development process. The curriculum focuses on providing students with the knowledge to use DevOps tools to manage automation, version control, continuous integration, continuous monitoring, quality control, and collaboration practices.

  • DevOps For Architects

DevOps for Architects is a great base for students to learn how to design and implement a DevOps framework in their organization. Students will cover the principles of build and release management, agile methodology, cloud and virtualization, automation and scripting, configuration management, monitoring, measurement, and version control. Graduates of the course will leave understanding how to create automation through scripting, improve reliability, and use real-world DevOps tools such as Ansible and Git.

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DevOps Methodology Training

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