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Why train in Cloud in Atlanta?

While Atlanta doesn’t share the same tech industry reputation as San Francisco or Silicon Valley, it may soon be one of the key cities you think of when naming tech hubs in the US. Tech innovation in Atlanta is growing at a rapid pace, in fact it’s developing such a strong tech industry that Forbes recently ranked the city as one of the top 5 Tech Meccas in the country. Atlanta’s growing tech hub can be attributed to a number of factors, including an innovative startup scene, a number of large forward-thinking companies that call Atlanta home, and a supportive group of Angel Investors. With this strong base of tech friendly businesses and a talented group of tech employees who are focused on advancing technology, there is a growing need for tech workers who are highly skilled in cloud architecture. And it’s not just tech businesses that require this skillset, traditional businesses are adopting Cloud computing to reduce investment in on-site systems and make use of the latest tech advancements.

Technology Square is another key component of Atlanta’s rise to tech mecca status. Technology Square is a mixed-use space that’s home to students, startups, incubator labs, and businesses. With a central Atlanta location covering 1.4 million square feet, Tech Square provides the perfect space for upcoming tech businesses to learn from industry leaders. Atlanta is also home to many of the Top 40 most innovative businesses named by the Technology Association of Georgia. With it’s dedication to innovation, Atlanta will continue to provide opportunities for jobs in Cloud computing. Switching It solutions to the Cloud is a smart choice for businesses looking to rely less on in-house solutions and adopt the latest technology.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a form of internet-based computing where services are provided over the Internet. Cloud services allow everyday business tasks be completed, managed, and stored in the cloud. Cloud computing uses shared computer-processing resources to provide a business with its network, server, storage, and application services. This on-demand access to resources that were traditionally provided by in-house solutions allows a business to reduce investment in on-site systems and drastically lower maintenance costs. Cloud services offer a powerful alternative to traditional technology solutions by making internet-based computing resources—that provide access to the latest technology—instantly available. There are many benefits offered by cloud computing including ease of scalability, reduced cost, and improved reliability. Cloud computing is still in the early adoption phase, as many companies are worried about the risks of cloud services and unsure of the benefits that the cloud can bring to their business. However, as businesses gain awareness of the many ways that cloud services can benefit their organization there will be an increased demand for tech workers skilled in cloud computing.

Should you train your team in Cloud?

Cloud computing is the future of business technology solutions, which means your IT team will need to evolve in order to keep up with this emerging IT trend. When your business makes the switch to Cloud you’ll need a team that’s skilled in Cloud computing to ensure that your business is ready to operate in the Cloud environment. Securing tech talent that understands how to build cloud architecture and stays up-to-date with evolving cloud technology is a difficult task for many businesses as there is a shortage of outstanding cloud engineers. One simple solution to this problem is to invest in training your existing team. Although training your team may seem like a costly solution, investing in your team is also an investment in the long-term success of your business. Cloud computing offers many significant advantages over traditional business tech solutions. One key benefit of switching to the cloud is lower costs. Eliminating on-site solutions will quickly bring savings to your business by eliminating investing in hardware and reducing maintenance. Another advantage is flexibility, scaling cloud services is quick and easy, which means you only pay for the services you need and these can be increased on demand. Reliability is another key consideration, Cloud services are incredibly reliable and can help you avoid business down time due to IT issues. Train your team to support your business on the cloud and ensure you have the IT solutions in place to help you business thrive.

Cloud classes in Atlanta from Web Age Solutions

Web Age Solutions offers a large selection of Cloud courses in Atlanta and online. We’ve used our 20 years of experience providing IT training to enterprise level businesses to create Cloud courses that train teams to handle all aspects of Cloud computing in a business setting.

Our Cloud classes in Atlanta can be completed in one of three ways, choose from in-person classroom training, video lessons, or online classes. Courses can be personalized to fit your business’ training needs. We offer a variety of cloud courses that cover cloud solutions from leading vendors including Azure, AWS, and OpenStack. These vendor specific training sessions cover a variety of subjects such as cloud fundamentals, infrastructure solutions, and solutions for architects.

Web Age Solutions’ cloud courses are designed to give students the knowledge they need to implement cloud computing solutions within a business. Each course offers a unique curriculum that provides in-depth training to ensure each student gains a thorough understanding of the cloud topic being taught. Many of our courses prepare students for certification tests upon graduation.

Some of our most popular Cloud Classes in Atlanta include:

  • AWS for Solution Architects

This course is designed to prepare solution architects to work with the AWS platform. The in-depth curriculum is suitable for solution architects, developers, technical managers, and enterprise architects. It covers everything from working with the AWS management console to lab environment cleanup. The course comprises of instructor led trainings and hands-on labs to give students the skills they need to implement and manage cloud architecture.

  • OpenStack Essentials Training

OpenStack essentials training provides students with a basic, yet solid understanding of cloud computing, OpenStack ecosystem, OpenStack overview, and OpenStack business values. This is a three-day course, aimed at deployment engineers, administrators, and any other IT members using OpenStack, that teaches students to deploy and maintain an OpenStack environment.

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

This popular Microsoft Azure course provides members of an IT team with the fundamental knowledge needed to understand cloud computing and how it’s used by Microsoft Azure. Graduating students will be able to implement an Azure infrastructure and create common SQL databases, web apps, and virtual machines.

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