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Harnessing Big Data is an essential part of business in today’s tech focused market. Web Age Solutions offers a variety of premium Big Data classes in Atlanta to help you leverage the power of information.

Why Is Big Data training in Atlanta important?

Atlanta may not be the place the tech industry first called home in the US, but it’s well on its way to becoming one of the premier places to build your tech career or tech business. In fact, Forbes ranked Atlanta as number 3 on its 2017 list of US tech meccas. While living and working in an innovative city like Atlanta gives you access to a tech job market growing by almost 50% each year, it also means that you need to be at the top of your game to get ahead. The growth of tech in Atlanta is attracting incredible talent and industry leaders to the city. This means that you need to make sure you have the right training to stand out in this competitive industry. Big Data training in Atlanta is especially important if you want to pursue a career with one of the many businesses listed on The Technology Association of Georgia’s list of the Top 40 Most Innovative Businesses in the state such as NFANT Labs, Purchasing Power, Elavon, or SimpleC.

If you’re concerned that Atlanta’s label as a tech mecca is temporary, you don’t need to worry! Atlanta is an exceptional place and the developing tech industry is heavily supported by the city and leading businesses that have their roots in the area. The eight-block Technology Square, which is a mixed-use complex occupied by tech students, startups, incubator labs, and established businesses has created a central hub that continues to attract tech industry leaders from across the globe. This unique space, combined with a large community of angel investors, a growing startup scene, and talented tech workers, is providing the perfect combination to help the tech industry in Atlanta continue to grow for many years.

However, Big Data training isn’t just being utilized by individuals looking to advance their skills, many innovative established businesses are also training their teams in Big Data to help optimize their businesses. Big Data can be harnessed in all industries to help improve efficiency, lower costs, understand consumer behavior, and anything else you can think of. Training your team can help your employees make informed, data-backed decisions that drive your business forward.

What is Big Data?

Every day businesses collect data, whether it’s information about production materials, product usage numbers, customer behavior, or any other information stored in their system. The amount of data collected has increased as technology has developed, which has lead to businesses storing a huge amount of data that they often don’t have the technology or knowledge to analyze and ultimately use. When the amount of data becomes too immense for traditional systems to handle, it jumps into the Big Data category. So why is Big Data so important? Big Data information can provide a business with powerful insights into their productivity, efficiency, profitability, and their consumers. To really learn the most from the Big Data collected by your business, it’s essential that it is stored, managed, and analyzed effectively.

Should you train your team In Big Data?

Your business can collect millions of pieces of information every day, but if your team doesn’t have the knowledge of how to analyze the information, you’re collecting and storing that data without using any of the potential it offers. When deciding whether to train your team in Big Data, you need to think about the cost of not analyzing the information your business collects. What optimization opportunities are you missing out on? What trends won’t you see? What marketing campaigns won’t be possible? Missing these chances to optimize your business will cost you far more than it will to train your team to manage and analyze your businesses data.

The amount of data a business has the opportunity to collect is growing year after year, especially with the rise in popularity of IoT connected devices that can relay usage data on a continuous basis. Understanding how to use this information can bring a wide range of benefits to your business. One of the biggest benefits offered by Big Data analysis is that you can identify ways to improve efficiency and save money. For example, Big Data analysis has been used to identify causes of delays in manufacturing to eliminate issues and improve the production rate. Another key benefit of training a team in Big Data techniques is that they can identify user behavior patterns that create product development and marketing opportunities such as upselling and cross-selling based on usage history. Perhaps the biggest benefit of giving your team the training to fully utilize big data is that you’re empowering them to make data-backed decisions. Having large amounts of data can give you the confidence to make business changes as you’ll have evidence that the opportunity outweighs the cost based on millions of pieces of data, not just a hunch.

The amount of information produced in today’s tech savvy world will continue to grow, keep you business on top of the game by training your team to handle and analyze Big Data!

Big Data classes in Atlanta from Web Age Solutions

Web Age Solutions understands how important it is for you to be able to fully utilize Big Data, whether it’s collecting it, managing it, storing it, or analyzing it. We have created a range of Big Data classes in Atlanta that we use to train both individuals looking to further their knowledge and educate talent at some of the largest companies throughout the US. Big Data usage isn’t just reserved for tech businesses; it’s being utilized in a huge range of industries, including manufacturing companies, online retailers, educational institutions, and healthcare providers. Whatever industry you’re in, our training can help you understand Big Data from collection through to analysis.

Each of our Big Data courses in Atlanta offer a unique curriculum designed to focus on a specific area of Big Data management and usage. We offer three main ways to complete the trainings we offer: traditional in-person classes, online classes, and video classes. This flexibility ensures that you can find the right course and fit it into your busy schedule. Browse through our full list of Atlanta Big Data courses below.

Some of our most popular Big Data courses include:

  • Big Data and analytics for business users

This Big Data course is designed to give you a solid introduction to Big Data and data analytics. You’ll cover the volume, velocity, variety, and value of Big Data and gain a clear understanding of the processes and personnel needed to fully use the Big Data generated by a business. Take the first step in understanding your customers and optimizing your business today!

  • Big Data management solutions for architects

Many businesses struggle to handle the huge amount of data generated by everyday business activities. This course gives IT Architects the opportunity to learn about Big Data management using Cloud-Based Solutions and NoSQL systems at enterprise level. The perfect training course to help your IT team manage data more efficiently.

Atlanta Big Data Course Listings

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Web Age Solutions offers the Big Data training in Atlanta you need to understand and apply in a business setting. Whether you’re an individual looking to expand your Big Data knowledge or a business leader looking for team training opportunities, we offer a selection of first-class Big Data courses in Atlanta to meet your needs. We’re a leading provider of online and in-person courses. Call our team today at (877) 517-6540 to discuss Big Data certification in Atlanta or browse through our Big Data course list to get started.

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