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Web Age Solutions offers a large selection of Agile classes in Atlanta that help empower a career in tech and improve a team’s performance.

Why train in Agile in Atlanta?

Atlanta probably isn’t the first place you’d name when listing tech hubs in the US, but it should be. Atlanta is rapidly becoming one of the leading cities for innovative businesses and Forbes recently named it as the number 3 tech Mecca in the country. So what exactly is pushing Atlanta to the forefront of the tech industry? Atlanta boasts a unique combination of outstanding tech talent, a growing startup community, large innovative companies with roots in the area, and a solid group of Angel Investors. This means that people looking to pursue a career in Atlanta need to be highly skilled, not just in engineering knowledge but also methodologies and theories, such as Agile. These skills are rapidly being adopted and embraced by tech companies and many mainstream businesses alike. The development of Technology Square is another driving force behind Atlanta’s rise in the tech industry. Technology Square, situated in central Atlanta, is home to incubation labs, startups, large businesses, and students, which gives people working in tech the opportunity to learn from industry leaders. To become a part of this incredible industry, it’s essential to be fully up to date on agile practices. It allows you to fit into the culture of these businesses. Innovation is at the forefront of Atlanta’s growing tech industry, with job opportunities growing by 46.7 percent annually. Atlanta is home to many of the businesses listed on The Technology Association of Georgia’s Top 40 Most Innovative Technology Companies. Companies such as Smart Commerce, PinDrop, mLevel, and Videa call Atlanta home. Agile is an essential skill for anyone hoping to thrive in Atlanta’s competitive tech industry and for any team looking to improve their performance in the coming years.

What is Agile?

Agile is a flexible process that enables teams to develop, build, and release software through a set of iterative steps instead of one large finished project release. Agile processes are used for both software development and project management. Using agile methodology allows a team, and business as a whole, to be fast and flexible throughout the entire production process. Agile includes Feature-Driven Development (FDD), Extreme Programming (XP), Crystal, Scrum, Lean Development, and the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM).

The Agile Manifesto was created by a group of developers back in 2001. The Agile methodology is based around these four common principles:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

Should you train your team in Agile?

If you’re an tech talent working in the industry, there’s no doubt that training in Agile will give you the competitive edge over people who aren’t Agile savvy. But what if you’re the leader of an organization wondering whether the benefits of Agile classes will outweigh the cost of training your team and transitioning to this new working method? Agile has a number of benefits that offer both instant and long-term advantages that will quickly offset the cost of training your team. One of the first major benefits Agile brings is improved quality. Using the Agile process breaks down the software development into small sections, which allows the team to concentrate on producing high-quality releases. The iterative process also allows for feedback suggestions to be incorporated. In addition, Agile allows your team to become more flexible in the product development process as they can easily adapt to project changes mid process because each sprint creates a stand-alone software release. Adopting Agile processes ensures that software meets user needs by focusing on specific user cases during each development phase. It provides a connection to real-life user issues. One of the best features of project runs using Agile methodology is that they have a predictable schedule. It provides deliverables on time as the project is broken down into small manageable sections. It’s much easier to develop an achievable schedule. Overall Agile teams are more adaptable, reliable, and productive, which reduces waste, eliminates delays, and saves the business money on a daily basis.

Agile classes in Atlanta from Web Age Solutions

Web Age Solutions is one of the premier Agile training providers in Atlanta and throughout the US. To make sure your team has access to the right training at a time that fits into their schedule, we offer three ways for students to learn, which are traditional in-person classes, video classes, and online classes.

Our Agile courses in Atlanta are targeted at Project Managers and Tech Team members, including developers and testers. We offer a huge selection of Agile and Scrum class options that range from introductions to Agile principles through to specific Agile management skills such as Agile Portfolio Management.

Each course has a unique curriculum that is designed to give students the ability and confidence to implement their new knowledge into real-world applications. Students will gain a thorough understanding of Agile principles, including the how and why of when agile methods should be utilized. We also offer training for specific team members, including Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Managers.

Some of our most popular Agile Classes in Atlanta include:

  • Introduction to Agile and Scrum

This introductory course gives students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Agile and Scrum. Students will gain thorough knowledge of how an Agile team runs, the roles involved, and the processes used. Each student will leave understanding the Agile process from start to finish. They will be able to fully explain why and how things are done and the benefits this will bring to the software development and project management process. This course requires no prior knowledge of Agile.

  • Scrum Team Workshop

This course is focused on the application of Agile processes using a Scrum team. This is a bootcamp course that is run using a combination of lectures, discussions, and exercises. It can be particularly beneficial for new teams to attend together to gain a solid foundation of scrum team knowledge.

  • Real world Agile training

This training is a group class designed to help teams adapt to Agile principles and methods. Many companies struggle to transition to Agile without guidance on the best way to adopt the new methodology. This training course gives teams hands-on experience and focuses on the how-to of Agile and Scrum. We recommend that all team members, including business product owners, attend this course together.

Atlanta Agile Course Listings

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