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Java EE Application Development with AngularJS

Web Age Solutions has been partnering with Fortune 500 companies, like yours, to provide their teams with the skills and knowledge of the most current web development technologies to apply to their day to day in house processes. Companies are investing in their people in order to address their current Java developer shortages.

This Java EE Application Development program incorporates the very popular AngularJS Framework.


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Highlights of the Program:

  • Comprehensive curriculum that takes the student from basic OO concepts to advanced modern Web Development technologies.
  • Option to use various IDE’s and Application Servers: RAD Eclipse etc, WebSphere, JBoss , WebLogic.
  • Remote hosted lab environment available 24/7 throughout the program ( minimal client setup required).
  • Social media site managed by the Instructor to encourage group discussion, share course files and relevant industry trends.
  • Access to Web Age on demand webinars and technical blogs relevant to the curriculum.

À la carte:

  • Option to build a custom program, take individual classes from the curriculum or develop individual custom courses using content from any of our over 400 in house developed courses.
  • Custom development projects built around your company’s strategy and in-house applications.

Create your own Web Development Academy, working with Web Age Solutions. The students will experience instructor led courses paired with hands on projects that mimic what they will manage in the workplace.


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